Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sold To The Lowest Bidder

Guest post from Old Rightie:

Well done all of you who voted for the wreckers.
This pair of evil shites love how you have meekly handed over your lives for them to screw. Pensions, wars, soldiers lives and a minor issue of a scorched earth policy on the economy.

Go on, tell how great their regime is, has been and will be.

More rigged ballots, statistics, calling the big freeze/ice age round the corner a major AGW event. Lies, my God but these two are masters of that universe of deceit and nastiness.

All dressed up as Socialist Utopia.

Bastard Labour. No parentage other than the likes of Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and even good old Adolf.


Oldrightie said...

Love the picture, Gotty. Amazing. As for our two pieces of work, well I think we made that clear!

Bring On The Revolution said...

You're always absolutely spot on G.O.T,Brilliant picture, Just about sums those cunts up to a tee!
I've just seen on the Daily Mail website. The brilliant story Of Mr Brown himself writing out a rent cheque that bounced from his student days. You've got to read this story G.O.T, it just prooves what an utterly useless fuckwit of a socialist cunt this man has always been!! Best regards. Bring On The Revolution

Lauren Simcock said...

Yesterday,our saviour Jimmy McSnot,gets one step closer to doing God's work,by saying he was determined to play his part in "bringing the world together".I'm reminded of The New Seeker's smash hit record 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing'.Wow.Wadda guy.
Today,during his big moment at Nohopenhagen,he came onto the world stage,giving away our money (AGAIN) saying,"The success of our endeavours depends on us forging a new alliance,".You and that other spunkstain Blair already HAVE.With the fucking DEVIL.
If McSnot wanted to come across as the world saviour,he DIDN'T.He came across as a hand-flailing,pompus,arrogant TWAT.
I was willing the trap-door to open up and swallow the Goblin King ,sending him where he belongs.Str8 to the Lord Satan's jaws.
And as for Blair.I can find few words to adequately sum up my feelings about him.I just hope when his evidence to Chilcott comes out in Jan ( of course,most of it won't be made public in the 'interests of national security',so the juicy shit will be in camera ),that the father's and mother's of dead servicemen get together and take this fucking worm to court for war crimes.If I had the money and resourses to help them,as God is my witness,I WOULD,and I don't think I'd be alone.
It's time for JUSTICE!

Anonymous said...

Brown and Blair should be paraded through the streets of London in shackles naked so as we could all throw rotten fruit at them. Then a repeat performance in every town and city across the country accompanied by all their partners in crime.

Captain Haddock said...

I'm with you Lorenzo .. but they should then be publicly executed & their heads displayed on Tower Bridge .. as a warning to any other potential traitor, who might just be tempted to sell Britain off ..

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Haddock, you're going soft, mate.

Execution is too good, too instantaneous a death for those bastards. Death by a thousand cuts, that's the way forward, methinks - we'll start with castration and work from there.