Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Let's Keep Crime Down

A new Home Office campaign has been launched to urge members of the public citizens to keep their possessions safe from thieves via a series of posters (one example above) and a TV infomercial.  Have you seen it yet? Fucking patronising or what!

Judging from the way that this campaign has been pitched, it's we, the hard working tax payer, who are at fault here and not the low life thieving scumbags who keep stealing OUR stuff. It's all our fault? What the fuck is that all about then? Why aren't they doing more to apprehend the miserable little shits that steal our hard earned cash instead of putting the onus back on us?

Well, if that's the way Gordon and his less than honest comrades want to play it then how about this for an idea. Let's take their campaign one step further shall we by adding another poster which will also help us to keep crime down . . . .

Honour amongst thieves?

More like right honourable amongst thieves ;-)


Anonymous said...

Right GOT. Maybe we shoudl bring in some China type punishments for criminals?
Would I shed a tear for the repeat offenders who have been given numerous chances? Nope, neck tie time would bring down repeat offending.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I won't advertise my stuff to theives.

Next piece of freelance work I do is so not getting declared ;-)

microdave said...

The Police should take note of this - an article in the Eastern Evening News reports that "Hundreds of crimes are being committed every year at police stations in Norfolk"

Although most are assaults against officers, Burglars struck twice in the five years, there were two sexual offences committed on police property and on 18 occasions, including three in 2008/9, there were thefts from police vehicles.

During the five years actual police vehicles were stolen three times. One of those thefts was in October 2005, when a robbery suspect stole the car of the officers who were sent to arrest him.....


Cynarae said...

They have obviously not heard about common sense.

Anonymous said...

First things first. The politicians who have led us to this state of affairs should be executed and no messing about. Let's be tough on the CAUSES of crime like old Phony Tony once suggested. And the CAUSE of crime, ultimately, is incompetent and/or corrupt government.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Great poster GOT! Pity it couldn't be rolled out nationally.

Oldrightie said...

To think, the twats borrow money to pay for this rubbish.

Joe Public said...

Love the Poster.

Will you do one for those constituents who actually do have a troughing MP?


Lauren Simcock said...

Excellent GOT.Like you say,its a patronising INSULT to our intelligence.Get ready also,for McSnot's New Year address to the nation where he'll say to voters 'DON'T WRECK THE RECOVERY!!'.This turd of a 'man' has an arrogance beyond anything I've ever seen before.Who the fuck wrecked our economy in the first place? He then has the gaul to say HE saved us...I MUST calm down,becuz my blood pressure must be thru the roof by now

Anonymous said...

Great poster!
The one eyed snot gobbler has a New Year address?
So his PR people thinks that this puts him on a par with the Queen and the Pope....
This'll be no more than a publicly funded 'vote for me 'cos I'm a cripple' advert.

Anonymous said...

NIce move, it works for me ;-)

You couldn't make it up could you, no wonder the gummint have thrown it back in our laps!

Thanks, now that would be good but I'll just have to rely on the blogs getting out there for now ;-)

Drop me an email with the name of the thieving arsewipe, sorry, MP and I'll drop their mugshot into the poster for you. That goes for anyone else too. Fuck me. I must be in a good mood today, Nah, just pissed ;-)

banned said...

To be fair to the vid ad, at least there wasn't the usual fucking irritating voiceover by some twat that always ends in a miserablist 1970s cliche. Still patronising shite though.

Shades & Headson, the cunt is promoting his Annual New Year Address like it's a long standing tradition of which we can all be proud. Fucking wanker.

Amusing Bunni said...

They do the same stuff out a matter of fact, I could tell stories of how they do the same thing somewhere else, but I'm saving that for the Feds ;-)

PS: Banned liked this great story on my comments today.