Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Gordon Brown's New Year Resolution

How do you fancy telling our Prime Minister mono eyed, pant pissing, testicle tickling, globally retarded, worldwide wally of a wankstain, what his New Year Resolutions should be?

You do!
Well then, you'll be over-fucking-joyed to know that you can email your suggestions, direct to him, via this handy little widget.

If by any chance you absolutely adore Gordon Brown (Fuck me! I guess somebody does somewhere although they must be in desperate need of a fucking brain transplant) then how about sending an email to one of the other party leaders. You can also choose from; David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond, Leuan Wyn Jones, Martin McGuiness and Peter Robinson.

Fuck it, knock yourselves out!

Why not send them all one . . .  I did ;-)

feel free to share your suggestions with us all, in the comments here!



Barking Spider said...

The widget appears to have "disappeared", mate - and there was me wanting to tell him to fuck off and die!

Anonymous said...

Aah yes, a few too many of the Christmas spirits are to blame for that Spidey.

The link should be good to go now though ;-)

banned said...

Kept my message to disgraced Brown a bit simple and dull, just for him.
"You could have reinvigorated our democracy, given us Our Referendum, stopped harping on about discredited AWG and looked out of the window instead. But you failed to make a commitment to change.
So we have.
I'm part of the POWER2010 campaign which will change politics. For good.
I'm writing to ask if you will make a New Year's Resolution to resign immediately to save us the trouble of sacking you."

His minders will, no doubt, discern the underlying subliminal meaning which is, as Sparky has observed, Fuck Off And Die You Cunt.

Amusing Bunni said...

I'll be SO glad for all of your when you get brown out of there, and some good people elected!