Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Charity Appeal

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Based on an original article written by
the excellent, satirical wordsmith, Dungeekin.
Check out his other work too, you won't be disappointed ;-)



Captain Haddock said...

I would willingly treat the Nation to a Christmas present ..

646 9mm rounds, one for the back of the neck of each MP ..

Pigs are known to be particularly diverse in their culinary tastes, on occasion even eating their own kind .. though I feel sure even the most non-discerning pig would blanch at the prospect of eating one of these troughing bastards ..

Snarky Basterd said...

That was just splendid, G.O.T. Remind me to ask you to draw one up for ADHD around November 2010 ... when we start booting our own socialists out.

microdave said...

Excellent, G.O.T. I shall pass that on.

Fidothedog said...

Re Capt Haddock, do think of the expense of 646 rounds of ammo.

We have plenty of rope and it would be far more fun for the over taxed populace to haul the fuckers up the nearest lamp post.

Bertie Dugger said...


At least with your method, unlike shooting the troughing chunts, there can be an ironic 'hat tip' to the Greenies by recycling and re-using the rope and lamp posts.

Every little helps.

Cbullitt said...

Yes, like the recycled trash in the speech referenced here. Happy Christmas.

Oldrightie said...

I'm with Fido.

banned said...

Excellent G.O.T., saved for sending to my very own trougher MP.

Fidos scheme is fine but Captain Haddocks would allow us to get some of our money back by overcharging their children ( partner whatever ) the price of the bullet.
Plusalso we could get more of a refund by mulching their remains.

Captain Haddock said...

Although I advocate "slotting" all MP's .. I wouldn't necessarily make each shot an instantly terminal one ..

Those whom I personally dislike i.e. ALL ZanuLieBore MP's (and Peers) might only get a seriously incapacitating one .. leaving them to die in excruciating pain ..

After all, they've ignored, ridiculed or denied the pain which they've inflicted on us & what's good for the Goose etc ..