Wednesday, 2 December 2009

MP Expenses Again! BBC Bias Again!

Fuck me!
Here we go again . . . "MPs will be allowed to appeal against repaying expenses judged to have been overclaimed, says a Commons committee." Headlines a report by the BBC

However, everyone else seems to be interpreting this story rather differently, take The Telegraph for example . . . "MPs must repay all expenses claims deemed excessive by Sir Thomas Legg or face having them docked from their pay, it has been announced."

Quelle surprisé! It looks like Brown's Broadcasting Corporation is in full fucking propaganda mode then!

Incidentally, Guido is reporting that Legg is thinking about having non-compliant MPs pensions sequestered.  So, I wonder how the Blatant Brainwashing Channel will be reporting that one then?



Volatile Barry said...

These cunts think they've got away with it. Let's hope someone has got something really big to disgust and repel the electorate just before the next election. There must be plenty out there.

banned said...

"MPs must repay all expenses claims deemed excessive by Sir Thomas Legg or face having them docked from their pay, it has been announced."
That is bollox, no employee can have his wages docked by his emploer without either a court order or that emploees written consent.

Shut them all up in the Tower until election day when they will be tried in the Court Of Public Opinion. Cunts, sorry, wrong blog.

David Cameron said...

Would you care for a bar of chocolate old chap?

Anonymous said...

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Lauren Simcock said...

I want to see heads on poles.Or a re-enactment of Jesus on the cross starring every fucking dirtbag MP in Westminster..ANYTHING,as long as the greedy,rich and lying bastards pay for their sins in BLOOD..but then,I'm a dreamer

banned said...

G.O.T. I don't usually get bothered about other peoples posts but who'se this anonycunt @04 December 2009 03:26 ?

Anonymous said...

Fucked if I know, Banned but I reckon they've been on the waccy baccy or summit ;-)

One of the joys of non-moderated blog, eh!