Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Is The X Factor Fixed? ++ Updated ++

Why are England so bad at football? Is the X Factor fixed? Who is Justin Bieber? What does the Grumpy Old Twat do for a living*? Where is Raoul Moat? These are just some of the all important questions that are worrying Jill and Joe Public, across the UK at the moment.

Oh for fuck's sake! Is that really what the majority of the UK are worried about these days. What about the Afghan War, the demise of decent Justice in this country, the corruption of the European Union and the continuing islamification of the UK which is eroding our sovereignty, the total bollocks that is MMGW ....

.... or the state's 24/7 surveillance of everything we do or say?


There are for more important things afoot.
Just look at the full Top 20 list of 'rising questions' on the Ask Jeeves website:

1. Why are England so bad at football?
2. Is the X-Factor fixed?
3. What is the Government going to cut next?
4. Who is Justin Bieber?
5. Did I vote for the right party?
6. Do all footballers cheat?
7. Should I buy an iPad?
8. What is Glee?
9. Why didn't Coleen leave Wayne?
10. Will Big Brother ever come back?
11. Why didn't Cheryl put Gamu through?
12. Where can I buy a micro pig?
13. Will I still get child benefit?
14. How are the Chilean miners surviving?
15. Where is the ash cloud?
16. Why did that woman put the cat in the bin?
17. When will the recession end?
18. Who killed Archie Mitchell?
19. Where can I buy a vuvuzela?
20. Where is Raoul Moat?

Give me strength.

Will all the fuckwits who are living in cloud-fucking-cuckoo land, please wake the fuck up and smell the twatting coffee! If you don't do it soon it'll be too fucking late and then you'll be asking the question: "I was watching X Factor at the time and didn't notice a thing but when was it exactly that we all became totally fucked?

+++ UPDATE +++

And that's from someone who actually won the very first X Factor! Fair play to him for taking the trouble to comment although I object to being compared to Alf Garnett. He was a reactionary, mean-spirited, selfish, bigoted, anti-Irish, anti-Catholic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, West Ham supporting anti-Semitic played by a Jewish actor ... wasn't he?

Perhaps Steve just meant I was a reactionary ;-)

*I made that fucker up, obviously.


Captain Haddock said...

Sadly, it 'aint gonna change Gotty ..

Because that's the way the Government (any Government) would prefer its population to be ..

Docile, Compliant, Easily led, Easily fooled ..

Its not new .. the Roman Emperors achieved exactly the same objective with "Bread & Circuses" ..

The people who really worry Governments are the comparatively tiny handful of us who have more than two brain cells to rub together .. Those who thirst after justice .. Those who seek answers to awkward or embarrassing questions .. Those who steadfastly refuse to be conned ..

And so long as the majority can be safely relied upon to remain un-involved .. the easier their task of dealing with the rest of us ..

MTG said...

The silliest questions were devised by women. "Does my bum look big in this and do you think we are alone in the cosmos?" to which the answers are yes and no but not necessarily in that order.

Anonymous said...

Good points. But apart from Islamo-Fascism, the greatest threat to civilisation is clearly Justin Bieber,
>:o :'(

He has to be stopped. Somehow. Now. :-D

Captain Haddock said...

Having read the post several times Gotty ..

I'm at something of a loss to detect an "anti-Islamic" comment anywhere ..

I noted part of the post which points out the truth (however inconvenient that might be to some) that one particular belief system is repeatedly permitted to demonstrate & display placards bearing slogans, which if displayed by members of any other belief system would result in immediate arrests & highly probable prosecutions ..

I don't believe that any belief system (or any other group for that matter) should be allowed to display such things on the streets of Britain .. and would support the arrest of those doing so .. (whoever they may be)

I believe that the law should be applied equally to everyone .. no matter which particular "sky pixie" they choose to believe in ..

If that translates as being "anti-Islamic" ... Like they say in the Moscow police .. "Toughski shitski" .. or in the Madrid police .. "El tougho shito" .. 

Bill said...

People still use Ask Jeeves?

Anonymous said...

Anti-Islamic comments? my pleasure!
Fuck islam, fuck allah and fuck mohammed like he fucked aisha when she was only nine, sick paedophile.

microdave said...

Talking of the sweeping Islamification of the UK, and stevebrookstein's comment, I thought this might make your piss boil over. It's a letter from today's Daily Mail - it was spread over two columns, so I've scanned and made a composite image.


FH said...

<span>Islamification, compliments of ASDA staff.  Or as <span>Anjem Choudary would say 'asda akbar' "every little helps"!</span></span>

MTG said...

Asda Huddersfield is far stricter, Dave. They have has issued white shoppers with yellow badges which we must sew on our coats to avoid a summary stoning.

NFN said...

Sad but that was my first thought too.

Caratacus said...

Now it's not often I'll say this but, in this particular case it's not the muzzies at fault here. It's that particular part of the British psyche that seems to revel in lording it over other people. (Cromwell's puritans, ARP wardens - "Put that light aht", Temeperance movement, name-any-fucking-council-official etc etc etfuckingc).

Asda won't be so impressed with this pair of dickless wonders when they notice their takings take a dip just before Christmas. My brother, who has the misfortune to live near an Asda store and had previously used it through sheer convenience after working a 14 hour day now gets his shopping at Sainsbugs. He says the wheels always work on the first trolley he picks, not the third or fourth, and you meet a better class of screaming snot-nosed kid at Sainsbugs. Apparently when they run at you mouth wide and screaming, they say please when they tell you to fuck off out the way....

Maturecheese said...

I couldn't agree more>

dazzler said...

The NWO is allowing most of what we hear to be heard. Little things like this blog are like bugs in a rug. However we all know what happens if the rug is left un-attended. Infestation and annoyance. Oh yes plenty of it too

Captain Haddock said...

If ASDA refuse to honour a Gift voucher which has already been issued .. they are in breach of an existing contract ..

If it were me .. I'd be speaking to a solicitor & considering taking them to the Small Claims Court (which you can do, without legal representation) ..

Joe Public said...

Who's Jill?

microdave said...

Joe Public's wife?

Joe Public said...

God! I've been sleeping with the wrong woman all these years.

[Or, "You mean there's another woman I could legitimately sleep with?"]

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>Docile, Compliant, Easily led, Easily fooled ..  " < Yep, that just about sums 'em up!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

@microdave - thanks for the heads up.
It's out-fucking-rageous! I'll do a post on this .... more people need to see it. Perhaps those who have already left comment on it here may consider repeating them on the main post, when it's up. Fuck! Is my piss boiling or what!

Houdini said...

With the name Brookstein I'm surprised at him sucking on muslim cock. It seems any objection to islam or muslims makes you a bigot and xenophobe.

White supremacists are castigated, rightly, for being for whites only, but muslims, regardless of their skin or tribe or ethnicty, are muslims first and will support muslims in all and any circumstances, so what's the difference?

Brookstein is a total cunt who picked on one point to attack. Cunt.

banned said...

""Bread & Circuses"" or as someone mentioned somewhere recently " Social Security  handouts and X-Factor"

banned said...

Did GOT tell the truth? If so has he apologised to Dave yet?

banned said...

<span>ASDA is private property and they can ban whom they chose, except Moslems, natch.</span>

banned said...

I've read this entire thread but am none the wiser, who IS Justin Beiber?

banned said...

Quite so, it is not usually moslems who make a fuss, it is the white, apologist,  liberal guilt-merchant fucktards who presume to take offence on their behalf though in this case it is ill-educated brainwashed by diversity awareness power crazy shop staff, wankers.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>who IS Justin Beiber?" < fucked if I know ... or care ;)