Saturday, 14 March 2009

I Suppose You Think That's Funny

The G.O.N.T. is back.

Spotted this clip over at other bloggers stuff and, as a result, it sent me all fucking nostalgic again. Dad's Army is a classic example of 'good old' British comedy at its best and the 'Don't Tell Him Pike' scene has to be one of the best in the whole series. I must have seen it a zillion fucking times but the twat still makes me piss myself laughing every time I see it. Now, I don't know whether that's because the comedy is just so bloody good or it's because I'm a sad old twat who is easily entertained. I prefer, of course, to think it's the former.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about other great British comedy classics and which scene, from each one, might best capture the entire series in one memorable clip.

I'm not talking 'My twatting Family' or any other similar, 'made-with-america-in-mind-canned-fucking-laughter-bollocks', shite. I mean proper stuff from the 70s, 80s and maybe a little of the early 90's with no bastard well fucking swearing in it either.

Right here's my starter for 10.
Ok, ok, I know it's fucking obvious but that doesn't make it any less of a classic clip from a classic series and 'piano wire' gets a mention. Which is nice!

And what about that completely useless twat Frank Spencer.

Slapstick heaven!

It just couldn't be made these days because of all the Righteous fucktards and their 'elf and fucking safety rules and regs. Harness this, goggle that. Twats

That said, here's one of my favourite clips from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and look out for those classic cars too. Nice!

Nostalgic British Comedy Classics.
'Ace doss grebo', I would say.

How about you? I would love to hear your favourites. 
Then I could get high as fucking kite on a comedic fix of nostalgia.

I may well add any further suggestions here or why not post a couple yourselves. Either way it's time to take a break from all those freedom fuckers at NuLabore and have a fucking laugh.

It does us all good from time to time.

Previous episodes of the G.O.N.T
(Excellent anecdotes in the comments section,
if you have time to read them!)


an ex-apprentice said...

Delboy falling thro the bar, Grandad and the chandelier, Fork handles, anything in Fawlty Towers, almost anything in Yes Minster, much of Porridge.

Sue said...

I am a British Sitcom Addict!!!
Here's a few I've thought of recently :

Love thy Neighbour
Doctor in the House
On the Buses
Steptoe and Son
Till Death Us Do Part
Are You Being Served
Only Fools and Horses
Man About the House
The Liver Birds
Only When I laugh
Open All Hours
Last of the Summer Wine
Please Sir
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
All Gas and Gaiters (remember? with Nimmo)
Bless this House

and also found this site :
British Sitcoms

Cybernest said...

Yep... they just DO NOT make 'em like they used to!!

Thanks for reminding us! :)

Cybernest said...

Ooops... meant to add one of MY favourites (of many)... Only Fools and Horses - The Chandelier Episode! :)

Anonymous said...

Some excellent suggestions thanks.
The Chandelier incident is definitely a classic.
And Sue, lovin' the reminders of those 70's classics, they were brilliant, I may well do a post for those on their own at some stage. The non PC connotations are endless!