Sunday, 22 March 2009

Goody! Peace and Quiet At Last


May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

ding, dong the media whore's dead!!

subrosa said...

The sad legacy this woman leaves behind is that young women of her age will think it's ok not to do a proper job because they can make a fortune using the ignorant public.

This woman ignored demands from her doctors to attend hospital immediately and she was lucky they found her in the BB house where they sent the message.

If anything, it's a lesson to young women that if anything's wrong you must continue to keep doctor and specialist appointments. Diseases like cervical cancer are difficult to diagnose so repeat visits are usually necessary.

Sue said...

Thank f*ck for that. I am sick to death of seeing her on the news instead of REAL NEWS!

banned said...

" Max, is that you Max ? Nick here, Nick Appleyard, yeah, Sunday Sport you cunt.
You fucking said she'd be good for late next week so what the fuck am I supposed to do with a 28 page full colour glossy supplement for some dead cunt who dies a week earlier ? What Max ? You tell me you cunt.

Don't go on about the kids Max they're worth fuck all without Jade, you know that..., "Leprosy !" ? Which one ?... Are you sure ?

Fidothedog said...

Fucking ace! So stealing that one to email to folk.

All Seeing Eye said...

My thoughts today are with Jade's two children.

They made breakfast in bed for Mother's Day and it's gone cold.

Anonymous said...

what a miserable bunch of twats you are.While I couldn't stand her or what she represented I did admire what she did towards the (her) end for her children ,I hope they do get all her money.You lot deserve a similar fate

Cybernest said...

Whilst I would share the criticism of media over exposure of Jade... I find this post a touch hypocritical (I am trying to be kind Grumpy).

I also have to agree with peter d.... you guys are a bunch of miserable twats!

However you feel, this was a human being who's passed away. If you haven't got anything good (or productive) to say... leave it be... shut the fuck up!

The fact is... whatever the rights or wrongs about a society that heightens a relatively inconsequential person to these heights of dubious celebrity.... Jade's last days, in my opinion, where very beneficial.

Firstly, her manipulation of the media will have hopefully raised enough money to ensure that her children receive a good education and are as adequately provided as is possible.... something that Jade herself clearly was never able to enjoy... but she still recognised the value of it!

Secondly... Jade has highlighted the issue of cervical cancer (and other women's health issues) to a degree that it will undoubtedly save a life or two. That... to my mind... is a hell of an achievement by any yardstick.

If you miserable mean spirited twats cannot recognise that... then it's probably because your own values are rather doubtful!

In short, for myself, I mourn the passing of a human being... who DID make a difference... however you look at it!

Saludos! :)

Sue said...

You're not getting a postcard from me now to add to your collection!

Hank Vermin said...

"Secondly... Jade has highlighted the issue of cervical cancer (and other women's health issues) to a degree that it will undoubtedly save a life or two."

And how did she manage that? By becoming ill and dying?
I don't remember her giving a fuck before.

Cybernest said...

Oh dear Sue

Now I'm really distraught!

The rat who's left the sinking ship and prefers to live in 'Spickylandia' is not sending me a postcard... because I've had the audacity to speak my mind... with an opposing view. Now that... IS mean spirited!

Sue honey... stick the postcard up your ass! lol

Cybernest said...


Maybe she didn't give a fuck before... but the fact remains, that the media coverage she generated in the end, has highlighted the issue.. and that cannot be questioned.

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

hank: maybe so, but when she is whoring herself out to the highest bidder, all sympathy anyone can have for her flies out the fucking window.


Sue said...

Actually, I didn't mean it nastily, I was only messing but under the circumstances, you obviously have a broom rammed right up your ar*e.

Only someone sad would start a blog and ask for postcards, so f*ck off you wan*er!

She's still an Essex Slut infamous for NOTHING!

Yes, it's lovely here in Spain, wonderful infact, no to**ers like you to contend with!

Anonymous said...

Contracting cancer does not make someone a worthwhile person.

Cybernest said...

Well... actually Sue, while I do have a suitable repost for you, I'm going to refrain... as I'm too much of a gentleman.

My reply to you was also just joshing... and the language I used (used universally on this blog) was not what I would normally use seriously.

All I'll say is I think your repost rather proves the point I made about some people's values here.

Have a good evening! :)

Cybernest said...

No you're right Grumpy... contracting cancer does not make someone a worthwhile person... all it does is confirms they are susceptible to the same ailments and weaknesses as the rest of us... as human beings!

Sue said...

One thing you are NOT is a gentleman, don't kid yourself!

Anonymous said...

wow-talk about raw nerves.well at least she got you all to talk nicely to each other