Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Anyone Want Cashback?


Sue said...

I never had a tesco card. When they were first introduced years ago I was dubious as to the purpose. Give me green shield or co-op stamps anyday (remember them?).

banned said...

I never use Tesco loyalty cards either. I once asked a cashier why would I want to share my buying habits with Barclays, Shell or the Government.
Quick as a flash she replied that she did not want to get into a conversation about that.

Oh , really ?
"So why did you fucking ask then, cunt "

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Green Shield stamps.
When I was a lad it was one of my chores to stick all the stamps into the books. Problem was my dad travelled a lot and consequently there were shit loads of the things to 'lick and stick'. I can still remember the taste of Green Shield stamps to this day.

Afterwards I generally tried to persuade my mum to let me have a Top Deck Shandy as a reward for my endeavors!

As for the Clubcard, they can get fucked. I don't want the government to know how many bottles it takes for me to have the bottle to do what I do here!