Saturday, 7 March 2009

Move Over Darling


banned said...

Yup. Move over Darling, Doris foretold it

Puppet On A String ? Sandy Shaw can fuck off too, Europeado cuntette ( IMHO).

All Seeing Eye said...

The B-side of "Puppet On A String" was "Tell The Boys".

We know he's fucking us from behind but it's a bit extreme to ask for help.

She also sang "I Don't Need Anything". She was right - I fucking don't want MY shares in MY bank being taken away from ME with MY own bastard hard-earned money!

Just piss off and leave me alone, all right?

Anonymous said...

Great minds eh?

EBC - I was humming the tune to myself as I was doing the post and thought 'why not?'

Great song, great lady.
Complete fucking twat of a Darling though!

The Eye - the same sentiments that you had are what made me so fucking angry enough to come up with this post in the first place.