Saturday, 28 March 2009

Game For A Laugh

Spotted this great story, over at the excellent UKTabloidNews, which was picked up from The Telegraph Online.

Being a huge fan of the larger scale practical joke I thought that it was well worth  putting it on here for you all to see.

It's fucking hilarious!

The 'prankster' in this story had decided that he would gain 'revenge' on a mate of his, after he had swapped all the upstairs furniture with the downstairs furniture, in his house, whilst he was on holiday. No mean feat this. Think about it.

Obviously, being somewhat fucked off at this cheeky event, our friend wasn't going to take this kind of shit lying down and concluded that his retaliation would be even sweeter. And, what is really good for us is, he filmed the whole event. Ok, so the idea isn't new but it's great viewing all the same.

Our prankster takes over the story  . . . . . .

Don't you just love it!

G.O.T. loves all this kind of Tom Fuckery and has been a fairly active exponent himself over the years. One such time was when a friend went away on his honeymoon. Keys to the flat were obtained (don't ask) and two cylinders of  'squeaky voice' type gas along with hundreds of balloons were duly purchased.

Note: Good practical jokes generally require a certain amount of cash parting but results are always well worth the investment.

To cut a long story short all the balloons were inflated and each room was crammed full of them. Diligence was also given to placing the balloons in the cupboards, in the toilet, under the bed clothes, in the washing machine etc., etc. You get the picture.

Mate's face was a fucking picture when he opened the flat door after I'd picked him, and his shiny new ball and chain, up from the airport.

Apparently it took the poor bastard over a week to get rid of all the balloons.


(I'll leave what he did next, for another day)


Catosays said...

Tee Hee, what a merry jape. Just love that sort of thing. Wonderful!!
Exactly what a practical joke should be!

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

well it beats stiching dog shit into his cutain hems!

banned said...

Jape would have been funnier if they had left out the " revenge is sweet " logo, anonynimity is all.

Still very amusing and love the accent.

Screech said...

it's a good thing they are pals, i just wish i had the balls (and the resources) to carry out such pranks.

Fidothedog said...

Very good, like it. Memo to self to find out when Paul Flynn is off on his hols...

All Seeing Eye said...

Shame we can't do the same to the snot-gobblers lair for all our sakes - but with better cement.

Spotty Muldoon said...

A cheap but very effective one if you know anybody who "just has to live in the right neighbourhood"

When they go on holiday buy a rotary washing line from Argos for around £15. Go to a charity shop and ask if they have any clothes that are too dirty, outdated or bright to sell.

Erect the washing line in their front garden and hang the clothes on it for two weeks.

Your mate will laugh but his wife will hate you for ever.