Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Killer Scum To Advise On Killer Scum

Note:This post is not by the G.O.T. TheEye has a non-sweary blog but needs to say this.

FuckingNotPleasedOffNess reigns.

Have you seen this?

TheOne, The Obamessiah, The Chosen One is going to "Ask Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness what lesson the Northern Ireland conflict holds for Middle East and Iraq."

Answer: Try to stop murdering teenage soldiers who probably haven't lost their virginity yet and not shooting fucking taxi drivers and random blokes in fucking pubs. Clue? Eh?

I'll take my consultancy fee on my way out.

Right, I am going to fisk this article:

"The White House meeting is part of a series of events marking St Patrick's Day and comes amid continued controversy over Sinn Fein's reaction to the recent murder of two British soldiers and a police officer by extreme republican groups."

Okay: 'controversy' is a bit pisspoor but 'murder' we'll run with.

"Martin McGuinness, first deputy minister, has been criticised for merely claiming that the deaths 'betrayed the political desires' of the Irish people. Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, has called the killings 'wrong' but initially blamed army tactics for provoking the IRA splinter organizations that carried out the attacks."

Yeah, a couple of body bags...just a small reminder of the good old days eh, cuntstains? 'Wrong'? In a sort of people-dead wrong thingy? Just a sodding bit, son. And 'provoking'? Our army has collectively bent over and taken it up the brown starfish for your type and still we can't even send out for a pizza without getting acute lead poisoning.

Ah but to place the huge steaming turd directly on top of your neighbour's nice rockery feature:
"The consultation will continue the trend of Northern Irish leaders exporting their expertise in conflict resolution."

So, conflict resolution in the place where they are still killing each other then. Let's see where these taxpayer junkets are taking them.

"Mr McGuinness has visited Iraq and Sri Lanka, while Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein president, has worked with the Spanish on Basque separatism."

Iraq? They still bomb you. Sri Lanka. Yep, still bombing. The Basque region...take a cunting guess. No cigar, motherfucker.

"Gerry Kelly, a convicted IRA bomber and Sinn Fein official, has just returned from the Philippines with Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's former chief of staff, where they advised the government on a long-running insurgency in the south."

No mention of the IRA bastards who went to Columbia to train FARC terrorists there how to...go on, you know you want to guess...blow people up.

Insurgency, Phillipines? Uh, yes, still bombing again. Not very good, are they? And what's with this Bliar's spinmeister being involved too? Aren't they all supposed to be sorting out terrorism in the Middle east, which is what Blair and Obama are trying to....oh fuck off the lot of you.

TheEye has nothing left to say.


banned said...

Mr. Mcguness will no doubt advise Obama to invite Osama Bin Laden and assorted terrorist leaders to follow his career path into government and to share Power with extremists of the other side.

Cate Munro said...

I did read 'that' article today and was equally as outraged! As for "The One" asking, "Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness what lesson the Northern Ireland conflict holds for Middle East and Iraq." What the fuckety fuck? This is typical Omaba bullshit - trying to be everyone's B.F.F. Its pathetic!

Houdini said...

Speechless, and would only say...what does that fucker Jonathan Powell know about it? The closest he got to an offensive weapon was sucking on Bliars cock.

Anonymous said...

I have always had a distinct fucking hatred of poacher turned gamekeeper scenarios. Especially when it comes to terrorism.

I still have a big problem with blair/brown climbing into bed with those murdering Irish cunts in the first place and then allowing them to take their places in 'the ruling body' in a pathetic attempt to make these cold blooded killers appear respectable.

And now Obumma.
What the fuck is he really up to?
What's his hidden agenda?
What really went on in that meeting between him and Blair?

It's all just too damn worrying for words and I wouldn't even trust those two twats with a trouser leg full of Gordoom's piss.

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

sounds like one long happy circle jerk to me!..lets all be friends, forget who has been killed in the past and go skipping through the dafodils!..wank stains, one and all.

All Seeing Eye said...

There was some shit in the papers today about Adams and McGuiness. Apparently there is an 'ideological split' between the two because one says "tut tut the IRA heroes were slightly naughty this time" and the other said "hmmm, not happy with this stuff. Glad the pizza blokes were okay."

TheEye wouldn't put a fucking gun against the back of their heads because that'd be over faster than my girlfriend tells everyone that I am.

Vlad The Impaler had the right idea. Sit'em on a sharp pole until their sphincter weakens and they slowly slip downwards.

Anonymous said...

Saw a picture of that wankstain Adams, at the White House yesterday, standing next to Hickory Cliton. Apparently she was delighted to meet him!

Fuck off!

Talking of the latest murders in Northern Ireland Adams has said that they should not be 'exaggerated'.

Fuck off!

Obummer said 'The United States will always stand with those who work towards peace'.

Fuck off!

All Seeing Eye said...

"will always stand with those who work towards peace"

Hmm Chavez, F&M Castro clones (take your pick), that new cunt in Madagascar? Mugabe? whatever the current cuntstain in S Africa is called? Any grinning wankstain in Africa or Asia?

Obama is bent over the Oval Office table for all of them. Take me, take me...go on Mugabe...harder big boy.

The Apocalypse is truly upon us.