Sunday, 15 March 2009

Which Ones Would You Give Him?

This post follows on from an excellent offering by the All Seeing Eye, where he suggests which DVD films might have been more appropriate to present to the Prime Mentalist rather than the ones offered by Bollock 'Half Black' Obama.

If nothing else, it is another superb opportunity to rev some more fucks into the one-eyed, snot gobbling, pant pissing, lardy arse known as Gordoom Brownfinger.

That said, here are my 10 offerings:

Some Like It 'Snot'
Close Encounters of the 'Turd' Kind
The Untouchables
Liar Liar
'Back' Hand Luke
The Lord of the Rings
The Big 'Sleazy'
Fiddler on the 'Poof'
The Usual Suspects
Rear Window

Anyone got any better suggestions?

Let's have some fun!


Cate Munro said...

"Gold-one Eye" . . . ?

Tee hee!

Catosays said...

How's about........

Inn of the seventh Nappiness

The Turdfather

Move over Darling

2001.. A space oddity

The Brown Berets

Sleazedog Billionaire

Gordon Brown and the full chamberpot

Gordon Brown and the half erect willie. kidding it really was.

banned said...

Piddler On The Hoof