Wednesday, 18 March 2009

68 Percent Say Fuck Off

Absolutely astonished to learn today that Sir Fred Goodwin, smug twat of the year, has been given even more of our cash. Just in case the £13,000 a week pension isn't enough for the cash laden piece of corporate wankstain to live on, RBS thought that they would chuck even more of our hard earned at him and give him  another £3 million in cash!

WE own 68% of that bollocksing excuse for a bank, no thanks to Gordoom the Goofer!

Somebody is taking the fucking piss here.

And there's more.

On top of the 3 mill, the old spunkers at the Royal Bank of Spunkstains are spurting another load of our spondoolies up the bollocking wall by agreeing to cover the cost of the smug twat's tax bill.

That'll be yet another £1.8million of our hard earned then.

And another thing about all this, that has also given me one a hell of a head fuck.
Some shit for brains twat at the Royal Bank of Shitwipes sanctioned Twatwin's cash bonanza of a pension to begin at aged 50 instead of 60 only TWO DAYS before he was dumped for being an incompetent cunt.

What the fucking fuck is fucking going on there then!

Ah well, at least we can be safe in the knowledge that under the new FSA rules, announced today, this sort of thing won't be able to happen again.

Yeah right.

They will need to recruit more staff to cope with the extra workload that will be generated by the new monitoring system so no prizes for guessing where these new wonderboys will be coming from then.

Yes, that's right, the fucking wanking banking sector!

Fuck off!


Cate Munro said...

Fucking A! (Can't believe you referred to Twatwin in such mild mannered terms as the word 'git' tho!!) ;-) Bravo G.O.T!

Lawson said...

It all started in Amurca and that nice Myners bloke had fuck all say in anything despite what the twats at the Grauniad said. The Letterbox is going to get it all sorted out and the money will come home without any cost to the taxpayer.(In Amurca.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, 'git' just doesn't cut the fucking mustard does it TP. Apologies for being too soft on the twat.

Normal service has now resumed and the post has been amended to include a more typical 'G.O.T. like' phrase.

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye has a slightly unpopular view on this whole bolloxup.

If Fred had a contract then he had a contract. You can't legally piss around with it a few years down the line because it has been randomly decided that Labour suddenly wants to nationalise a load of banks.

The people who need to be connected to lampposts via piano wire are the fucking idiots who negotiated the deal in the first place.

Fuck me, if some cunt offered me a contract saying "xxx.000 per year plus a bonus" and then in the very small print "xxxx,xxxxxx pension and a yacht but also a helicopter if you keep your mouth shut" then TheEye would stay shtum and sign up without even waiting for the cunts with the sniper rifles in the bushes.

The GOT says "...some shit-for-brains twat... sanctioned.."

Yes! Nail on the fucking head! Exactafuckingmundo!

The FSA rules might help (hmmm maybe *snigger*) but basically Fred gets what he doesn't deserve but to be fair it is currently the law. My blog will be going after the wankers who gave it to him in the first place.

TheEye begs your indulgence for such a long post.

subrosa said...

Somewhere I read that the bank paid for security services at Fred's home. They stopped a few weeks ago.

banned said...

"What the fucking fuck is fucking going on there then!"
I'll tell you what the fuck was going on there. Normal fucking practise, that's what. All the senior managerial types in the wanking /banking sector close ranks when it comes to retirement/pensions, shoving each other off into well-unearned luxury retirement hoping that the scam will still be running when it's their turn.
Of course the shareholders didn't mind too much when the ponzi scheme was running at full throttle.

Now it's all gone off the rails We Want Our Fucking Money Back You Cunts.