Thursday, 19 March 2009

It's A Puppet!

NuLabore Twat Toys are proud to present this one eyed, snot gobbling, lardy arsed, pant wetting, fingered puppet.

As worn by Lord Meddlebum of ManMuncher.
(Well I heard he's partial to putting his hand up his arse anyway, apparently.)

Pull the cord and 'Gordoom the Goofer'  shakes violently whilst uttering a selection of well know phrases such as "It's not my fucking fault I tell you", "I'm a useless unelected pant pisser", "I ate 3 SnottyBix for breakfast", "I love lardy cake so much that I'm turning into one" and of course the phrase that everyone loves to hear, "I'm Gordoom the Goofer and I'm a complete cunt".

Comes complete with a spare pair of dry troosers, an interchangable brown finger and a rose tinted glass eye.

Only available until Spring 2010.


Cate Munro said...


All Seeing Eye said...

Are they waterproof?

If not I'll need to buy at least 100 as first thing each day and last thing at night I'll be pissing on one from a great height and it's bound to ruin the batteries.

Anonymous said...

The Eye will be pleased to learn that there is a limited edition 'Scotchguard' version available.

Also Gordoom seems to enjoy 'taking the piss' so I suggest that you give him everything you've got!

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

im not putting my hand up his just know whos been there first...