Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gordoom Must Be Desperate

 The one eyed, incompetent in'cunt'inent sufferer is so desperate to climb into Bollock Obama's arse that he has completely lost the fucking plot and presented Ted Kennedy with a twatting knighthood.

The internet thingy wires have been shit hot between G.O.T. and the All Seeing Eye due to a mixture of utter disbelief and total enragement at this fucking ridiculous and blatant attempt by the Brownfinger (by choice) to climb into bed with the Brownfinger (by birth). The result is our first spleen venting joint post.

Mary Jo Kopechne would be 69 this year if she hadn't climbed into a car with that cunt Kennedy. And that one-eyed twat is giving him a fucking knighthood? He's a murdering piece of shit who we'd personally slap the electrodes on to and watch fry. 

Which part of 'murdering scumbag' does our one eyed, snot gobbling, arse licking prime minister fail to understand. It's just fucking unbelievable how he could stoop to such a pathetic level, plainly in an attempt to become NBF with the new messiah (no mean lying fucking twat himself we might add) so that pant pisser can offload all his fuck ups in an attempt to make everything seem fucking 'global'! Hardly a respectful gesture to one Mary Jo Kopechne, is it?

Pin your twatting ears back Gordoom, you fucking useless piece of pant pissing shite.
We repeat.

Ted Kennedy is a murderer, he doesn't deserve a fucking knighthood you cunt.

The Eye would happily fly to America purely to piss on his grave from as high an angle as his cock would manage and according to folklore that would be pretty much optimum pissing distance but he is only going to get one effort at this funeral so Viagra will be purchased in the hope of a spectacular extra couple of feet for a golden waterfall on his coffin. 

G.O.T. would happily stand on the pissecutioners shoulders at this point, with his dick in splints, to effect a twin pronged pissfest resulting in a supreme and total pisswash of the total murdering arsewipe's grave finale.

In this case we both swerve between venom and sentiment.
Mary Jo RIP
Edward Kennedy murderous cunt.

The Eye has the final thought.
If every devil he's going to meet soon, has a red-hot poker to hand, then I'll want to know why those aren't all fucking hotter and sharper.


Catosays said...

I wish you two would stop mincing words!

Cate Munro said...

What can I say G.O.T! You say everything I think (but am too much of a lady to say!) Bra-fucking-Vo!!
I'm getting better tho . . . have alluded several times to the one-eyed pant-pissing snot-gobbler & find it strangely liberating! lmfao ;-) Tp

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

you left out wanking wank-stain. its gordooms middlename. possibly.

banned said...

So the Americans gave Grdon a cheap freebie honour in appearing before body doubles of the joint houses of congress; Gordon responds by giving a not-a-proper knighthood to the last of a has been American Aristo clan. Perfect match.

Do be carefull Grumpy and Eye, UK is tops for CIA black ops at this time. They might get offended at you slagging off murdering fucktards.

Screech said...

And for all those who can't make it to the piss fest, donations are being collected in Esso Tankers to be fired on the day from water cannons.

Anonymous said...

Piss cannons!

What a brilliant idea Screech.
Perhaps we could use them on the chavs and pikeys as well? They seem to enjoy taking the piss.