Saturday, 12 December 2009

Stephen Barker Attacked In Prison

Stephen Barker, the boyfriend of Baby P mother, Tracey Connelly, has been attacked by a fellow inmate at  Wakefield Prison. Unfortunately the injuries, to one of the scumbags that murdered baby Peter Connelly, are not life threatening.

A prison spokeswoman said: "On the morning of December 11, a prisoner at HMP Wakefield was assaulted by another prisoner. Thanks to the prompt and professional action of officers at HMP Wakefield who intervened, this situation was brought under control almost immediately"

You have got to be
fucking well shitting me!

How fucking, infuriatingly, ironic is that then?

What protection did baby p have from that murderous monster?


banned said...

'Thanks to the prompt and professional action of Public Relations officers at HMP Wakefield who bravely intervened to protect the identity of the "alleged" harbinger of Public Retribution. This situation was brought under control almost immediately and the non life threatening injuries sustained by kiddie torturer Stephen Barker
were suitably modified before the arrival of medical staff"

Anonymous said...

I'd be quite happy to see this sort of thing go on for years.
He gets assaulted - progressively worse each time - then he gets better but carries over some sort of injury then gets assaulted again.
A little like the punishment he dished out. Oh and then finally somebody breaks him in two.
Pay per view - where do I enter my card details?

Anonymous said...

I feel that you are not too far from the truth there.
Makes me sick to the stomach when I think about how barbarically Baby P was treated and how little punishment his perverted perps have been given.
So far ;-)

I'll offer to supply the live stream FOC if we can get a friendly lag to film it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Something very wrong is going on with this Country. We have wrinklies dying by the thousands because of the cold, and babies being abused, whilst at the same time we have got bankers with more cash than houses available to buy and scum getting cautioned or ticked off.

Nothing to do with our glorious Government is it?

Oldrightie said...

Nothing to do with our glorious Government is it?

No, not really, it's to do with every thick as shit socialist and others who keep voting for them.

Fidothedog said...

Better luck next time, lets hope that the lags who got him get another shot at him soon.

Catosays said...

I hope they put him to work in the prison laundry. He'd soon find out what 'bagwash' meant.

On another note, please visit my blog for details of a Help 4 Heroes bargain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Cato, have just popped over there and done my bit for a very worthy cause ;-)

Lauren Simcock said...

I was on Facebook earlier,when a similar thing was posted about this murderer.Please read this response by someone,and see if you can spot a problem or two

'Prisoners in Britian should all, that's ALL be protected from physical harm by other prisoners. It's called having standards.
Our prisons should be secure and safe calm places where there is positive rehabilitation going on. Our prisons are full of damaged people who have failed and been failed.
It's irrelevant who or what he is. I'd say the same if it was Hitler. And the fact that you don;t even see what I'm saying demonstrates the decline in common sense and standards of behaviour (that we have been famous for throughout the world) in this country. This prisoner should be kept safe and in equally good conditions as every other prisoner.'


Angry Fucker said...

God willing when we take back our country (shortly) we shall march through the prisons dragging out filth like this character, dowsing them with petrol and setting them alight. Same treatment for the traitorous scum in government, too.

Amusing Bunni said...

I hope he gets beat up every day in prison. I also like Angries' Idea!

Anonymous said...

Until we take our country back. I'll go along with Amusing Bunni. After that, I prefer Angrie's suggestion - though its a bit of a waste of petrol - particularly at the current price. What about the old burning tyre method (as favoured by Winnie Mandela & friends)?

Anonymous said...

Just to make things worse, our taxes feed, clothe and give the cunt a bed for the night.

Barking Spider said...

He needs to drop the soap in the shower for a good laugh and then get moved into a cell along with Big Bubba - that would surely be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! ;-)

50 Pence said...

Nice to see that even the lags on the sex offences wing have some standards.

Now how about someone lop off Ian Huntley's fingers and feed them to the guard dog?

What else is their to do in prison apart from play pool, watch tele, and beat the snot out of each other?

becci said...

you know what if this scum of the earth had been incarcerated here in america the correctional officers would have been pissing on him and beating him every fuckin day until he killed himself.
thats what I say, send the mother fuckers (all three of the dirtbags) to Texas where they can recieve the death penalty like the fucking pieces of shit they are!!! im outraged at this bullshit and that nasty ass judge needs to take a step back and realize what she just did, and then millions are going to be shelled out to change their names upon release from prison? LET THESE SCUMBAGS WALK DOWN THE STREET AND BE KNOWN FOR WHAT THEY DID AND WHO THEY REALLY ARE . YOU DISGUSTING BITCH . rest in peace baby peter its sad to know that your death is more peaceful than your life

britans judical system makes me sick. There was a lady who lived up the street from me, her boyfriend gave her child shaken baby syndrome, they gave him 25 to life!!!!
if i had the money id hire a hit on the scumbags myself i cant even stress how much i think these lowlifes should die and rot in hell I cant wait until your judgement day the lord will take care of you fuckin scumbags

Anonymous said...

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

butterbaby5 said...

It would have been great if no one interfered at all.  He deserves every thing he gets.  Bastard!  I hope he rots in hell!!!!!