Sunday, 13 December 2009

Labour Sneak Sharia Law Into Budget

Does anyone remember this post, that I did earlier in the week, where I said "I wouldn't be at all surprised if the sneaky bastards Government used Thursday to hide some bad news or slide some controversial legislation under the radar, whilst our attention is focussed on the champagne swilling shite wipes at the Whore Houses of Parliament."

Well, here it is.

THE Treasury plans to rewrite Britain’s tax rules to usher in a new wave of Sharia law for the country’s financial system.
That one-line revelation is in the 212-page pre-Budget report prompting fresh accusations that Labour is “burying bad news”. The Government wants to tap into the fast-growing Sharia finance market, set to top £205billion a year, and turn London into the “global gateway for Islamic finance”.

err . . . well ... what the . . . hmmm . . . .

No, sorry. I'm fucking speechless!

Here's what The Opinionator has to say:
Clearly the dhimmified Labour government will not be content until all the British people are living under sharia law. How can anyone feel anything but contempt for these traitors?
Supposedly a 'snap' election is coming soon. While May 6 remains the likely general election date, Labour’s recent bounce in the polls has meant that party chiefs are now preparing for an early March 25 poll.

Don't be late with the repayments

I have a better idea!
Anyone who is fucking brain dead enough to vote for islamic cock sucking shite wipes Labour should be put in a sack, thrown onto a fucking plane and shoved the fuck out of it at 30,000ft over Saudi fucking Arabia.

That is fucking all.


microdave said...

We really must be the laughing stock of the world for putting up with this shit....

Mirtha Tidville said...

we are the laughing stock of the world for electing these twats so many times...The British need to fucking wake up

Anonymous said...

A little birdie tells me that next Year, New Labour hope to introduce Arabic, as a compulsory second language for Primary schools.

By 2011 it apparently will then become an official second language, superseding Gaelic, or Welsh for that title role.

All being righteously well, come the time of the Olympic Games in 2012, the British people wont show any interest in those infidel passtimes anymore. As we'll be up the road in the London Mosque, paying homage to Allah, and demanding forcefully with New Labours blessing, that the English language be changed into something far more politically correct for the modسلطنة عمان دولة عربية اسلامية مستقلة ذات سيادة تامة عاصمتها مسقط.

Inshalla...Allah bless New Labour.

Barking Spider said...

Backstabbing, treasonous cunts!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Treacherous fucking scum. There isn't a disease agonising and torturous enough for them.

Oldrightie said...


Anonymous said...

Revolution - NOW!

Jayce Kay said...

Looks like the very thin long wedge just received a hefty thump then.

We need to pull the wedge from the cracks in our society and shove it up the arse of the paymasters.

Not now, but soon?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the first white to have his or her hand chopped off, or to hear about some white girl being stoned. Especially the daughter of some middle-class, cappucino sipping righteous. It will happen.

Fidothedog said...

Either pay up or you won't be so fucking handy around the house.

banned said...

Didn't the traitors in Gordons gang accept an Arab loan a while back in return for much of Whitehall including the MOD building ?
As we all know usery ( loan interest ) is unislamic so the way it works is.
Araby gives us the dosh; we give them stuff to hold as security for the life of the loan. They then 'rent' that stuff back to us so they are recieving rental income from Whitehall as opposed to evil 'interest'.
What a load of cant.

Gareth said...

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Allah Family.

woman on a raft said...

Here is your little bird, DGUT Day Job:

"A pilot initiative was proposed to Bradford primary schools by the Local Authority in the summer of 2008 to explore the possibility of introducing Arabic as the main foreign language."

"The funding for this initiative is drawn from the Standards Fund supporting primary language learning provision and has been maximised through collaboration with the Cohesion and Diversity team within Bradford LA."

I'm not crazy about French as the second language, but you can make good arguments for Spanish, French or German and even Chinese as the languages to learn. Arabic could possibly be justified at secondary level, but you would need to ask the Intelligence Services which languages they would prefer for the Islamic countries.

The only other justification is where the children already speak or read some Arabic, and so it takes proportionately less effort for the children to secure a second language. However, even the press release admits not all schools think Arabic is the way to go.

This doesn't amount to compulsory Arabic but you can see which way the wind is blowing, when you consider that various Welsh schools have managed to foist a language on to pupils for their own purposes while sanctimoniously proclaiming that really, it is for the good of the cheeeeeldren.

However, another way of looking at it is that teaching Arabic in schools in a secular context will dilute the effect of the madrassahs rather than entrench them.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Bring On The Revolution is back and fucking seething with fucking rage! Just who the fucking hell does Brown and the rest of his un-fucking-elected Labour leftie socialist, commie, muzzie-loving cunts think they fucking are to totally capitulate to those evil,filthy,thieving muslim terrorist lowlife scumbags and allow OUR country to be metamorphosised into a completely dreadful Islmified, Talibanised shitty hell hole. The whole fucking lot of them ought to be arrested, put on trial for treason at the Old Baily. Guilty as charged, hanng the fucking lot of them high!! Fucking Brown the Treasonous, treachrous CUNT!! Please excuse the pun, but I'm so fuckung angry with Brown and his cronies I could LITERALLY explode with rage. First he capitulates to the evil EUSSR empire, now as if that's not enough he capitulates to Islamist scum!During WW1 he would have been shot at dawn for cowardice. REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW, TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only "snap" I want to hear from these treasonous scum is the "snap" as the rope taughtens during the Long Drop.
On the other hand, it seems clear that for a system that forbids charging interest brings a whole new meaning to "costing and arm and a leg".

Mungo Park said...

Got check out the story at 'Dark Lochnagar' to see how these islamist bastards behave.

LabourAreReallyVeryEvil said...

The Left have long been on a mission to destroy English society.

They hate us