Sunday, 25 January 2009

You've Been Twatted


Anonymous said...

I had a public speaking event yesterday, and I felt like a twat. I wrote about it on my blog and drank box wine to get over it. Do you have wine recommendations for such a scenario?

Fidothedog said...

Like it, having been censored on Prescotts new blog thing can you add him? :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder who chose the name for that blog.
My immediate thought was, 'go forth and multiply'!

I have registered (what a fucking palaver!) and added it to my blog list.

Ming TM said...

Fucking poetic brother!

Screech said...

Christine,just drink any cheap old plonk love, i do, after all it's all i can afford these days with the CS fucking A on my arse. Can somebody show me the link to fatty prescotts? would love to give old dumper truck guts some abuse

Anonymous said...

You can find Two Jags Two Shags blog bollocks by clicking on the "GO 4th" logo in my side bar, under "Have A Look At This Shit".

Or at

Go 4 it!!