Friday, 2 January 2009

Minister for Misery - I'll Cheer You Up

Gordoom and gloom has struck again.
With total disregard and typical inability to understand the prevailing mood of the ordinary 'man in the street', he has blessed us with a
2009 New Year message full of upbeat sound bites.

Here are a few of the hypocritical fat twat's pearls of shitdom:

"a rock of stability and fairness"
Fuck the hard working tax payers up the arse and give all the lazy lowlife wankers all that they want. 

"build a better tomorrow, today"
What the fuck with? Sticky back plastic and few toilet rolls? What a load of shit. Give the twat a Blue Peter badge and feed him to the dogs.

"Britain has faced down many greater challenges than those before us today"
None greater than having an unelected Prime Minister drag us all to the brink of disaster.

"a Britain of opportunity and hope"
I would just like the opportunity to vote against this bungling Brown fingered twat and his bunch of nauseating fuckwits, in the vain hope that he fucks the fuck off.

That is all.
For now.


Linda said...

I think Alastair Campbell has sneaked in the back door of Downing Street and is busy "spinning" again.

Anonymous said...

Underhand bunch of tossers!
I wouldn't be surprised if Tony Blair has been using the tradesman entrance too.