Friday, 30 January 2009

Brownfingers's Mystery Caller

Gordoom Brownfinger looked a right twat (no change there then) at a top level meeting in Davos today. His mobile phone rang twice whilst he was addressing business and political leaders. The one eyed fat fuck was reluctant to disclose the identity of the caller but apparently they did leave a couple of messages on his voicemail.

"Hello Gordon, Prudence here. Thought it was about fucking time that you and I had  a chat.
Call me, I'm still waiting and I don't like continually being ignored"

"Oi, Gordon, Prudence here again. Why won't you return any of my calls? For fucks sake man, you really do need to listen to what I have to say. You just cannot afford to keep avoiding me any longer. Get your fat, one eyed face out of the sand before it REALLY is too fucking late!
Call me you twat, you know it makes sense!"

1 comment:

All Seeing Eye said...

Sky are playing it every now and then although only the clip of the first occasion when it rang - probably so that he doesn't look a double-twat.

My phone ringing has embarrassed me at awkward times before...but there again I'm not the fucking PM at a fucking big wank-fest conference.