Monday, 12 January 2009

Sad About David Vine

I was so sad to hear of the death of David Vine today, he was 73.

I have always had more than a passing interest in most things sporting and I felt he was an ever present part of my formative years and beyond.

Grandstand, Question of Sport, Ski Sunday, Rugby Special, Wimbledon, Superstars and of course who can forget the good old days at The Crucible.

It didn't seem to matter which programme he presented or commentated on, he always came across as a true gentleman, informative and professional. Qualities that seem sadly lacking in most of the sports presenters that we have been burdened with in more recent times.

On a lighter note.
I will never be able to forget those dreadful jumpers he used to sometimes wear.

God Bless.

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Captain Haddock said...

Yes, that is sad ..

Amongst his many other achievements, I always enjoyed his witty co-commentary with Dorian Williams at the Horse of the Year Show ..