Tuesday, 20 January 2009

David Miliband - It's Just Not Cricket

I have just read another excellent post at The Lone Voice.
The subject of his vent was "the chap who is supposed to represent us on the World stage", Foreign Secretary, David Miliband.

It reminded me of the same nagging question that I've had in the back of my mind since the day the one eyed fat fuck, Gordoom Brownfinger, appointed The Bananaman (boy) to such an important position.

How is it that a 'schoolboy' could possibly be diplomatically astute, worldly wise and multicultural aware enough to be our Foreign Secretary?

In the not too distant past, whatever ones political leanings were, you could generally say that this highly important post was held by a person who was generally perceived to be experienced and respected.

For the sake of this discussion, I'm not talking about how successful they were or whether you actually liked or disliked them, it's more a question of how important it is that a Foreign Secretary appears outwardly 'experienced' to his counterparts on the World stage.

For example Douglas Hurd, David Owen, Sir Geofrey Howe, Franicis Pym, Malcolm Rifkind, Lord Carrington and even, to some extent, Jack Straw and Robin Cook.

Do you see what I mean? Where does David Miliband fit into all this?

Again, leaving politics aside, during his recent trip to India he appeared on television in New Delhi. He was taking part in some sort of question and answer session with students and demonstrated a remarkably good knowledge of cricket, India's favourite sport. He knew statistics, he new the names of their star players. He gave the impression that he was a genuine lover of their game.

In reality, the evening before, he was apparently seen 'acting' like he was taking an 'A' level exam the next day, cramming like fuck from an 'Idiots Guide to the History of Indian Cricket'.

For fuck's sake, if that's his perception of how to conduct oneself as Foreign Secretary then God help us all.

Swatting up like a fucking schoolkid the day before an exam. And on nothing more important than cricket. Don't get me wrong, I really love cricket but it's hardly the answer to the Mombai bombings is it?

Fucking hell man (boy), you're supposed to be the Foreign fucking Secretary not the Sports Minister on some sort of Sport For All junkett.

I find it all so worrying.

Not just the subject matter but the way David Miliband went about it.

Could you possibly comprehend Douglas Hurd swatting up like crazy, from an 'Idiots Guide to The History of East and West Germany', on the eve of a 'big eunification meeting'?

I fucking think not!

Bananaman (boy).
What a fucking embarrassment. 

Whatever next?

The 'Idiots Guide To Osama Bin Laden' the night before a big War on Terrorism meeting?

After me now. One skin, two skin, three skin, foreskin.



Fidothedog said...

The only thing this fool could be useful for is marketing sodding banana's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Just so long as the stupid fucker confines it to a school tuck shop in the back of beyond!