Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Nulabore Prefer Pikeys To War Veterans

Absolutely fucking enraged by this article which was spotted by the
All Seeing Eye & St Crispin. I won't go into all the sordid detail again here, so please try and read it.

What really fucking wound me up was the fact that a group of Royal Navy veterans are being turfed out of their clubhouse to make way for Pikeys.

Yes that's right. I shit you not. 

Hazel Blears would rather ride roughshod over people who risked life and limb for this country so that she can support the very scum of this country.

What the fucking buggery bollocks is that all about then?

And that bitch is throwing another £26m of tax payers money at those filthy fuckers because it will reduce the disturbance caused by illegal camps.

I still shit you not.

Pikeys are selfish, worthless pieces of shite.

These filthy, disgusting inbred fuckers are constantly copulating with each other to produce ever more vile mutants of the most brainless, thieving, scrounging, gob shitting creatures know to man.

The sole purpose of this mother fucking bunch of parasites is to suck us dry in every possible way that they can. Then laugh in our faces.

And, it would seem, all with the blessing and funding of mindless Government wankers.

And, most definitely in this case, at the expense of decent, ordinary people who have served this country well.

Once again Gordoom, (and that short arsed  poison dwarf of yours)
I am fucking disgusted at the way you continue to treat people with such utter derision.

And you wonder why people call you a cunt?


banned said...

Perhaps Blears would care to share Becketts caravan and pitch up at a travellers site for an evening; see how much change they get from a good kicking and some random sex.

Anonymous said...

We should be so lucky!

On the other hand . . .
. . . its probably just the kind of masochistic shit that those two ugly fuckers would enjoy.