Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, Same Old NuLabore (Part 1)

Gordoom Brown.
Unelected Prime Minister. Brown fingered puppet and sex slave of the new State Leader*. Fat twat. Droopy eyed twat. All around, liar liar pants on fire, twat.
Favourite song - Shaking All Over

*Lord Mandy Meddlesome.
Gaylord Minister of everybody else's business. Hellbent on slipping his vile agenda in through the back door (without lubrication). Dictator of The State. Puppet master and dominatrix of the Brown Bullshitter.
Favourite fruit - Orange

Wacqui Jacqui Smith.
Suspected pikey turned commandant of the Police State. Former teacher turned silencer of the educated. Chief of whips turned head of jackboots. Former cannabis smoking student turned control freak.
Favourite Roman Numeral - ID

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