Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Arty Farty Entropa Melarky

A new 'art installation' outside the EU Council building in Brussels is causing a bit of stir amongst it's 'hoaxees' because it lampoons European stereotypes.

Personally I found it fucking hilarious. It was supposed to have been produced by artists from each of the 27 represented countries but was in fact entirely produced by a Czech artist and his two mates.

The 8 ton Airfix style hoax includes lampoons of:

Bulgaria as a series of squat toilets;
Holland as a series of minarets submerged in a flood;
Germany as a series of motorways in the shape of a swastika;
Poland is seen as a group of Catholic monks erecting the gay community Rainbow Flag;
France as a country on strike;
Romania as a Dracula style theme park;
Luxembourg as a small gold nugget for sale;
Italy looks like a football pitch;
Austria is a country full of nuclear power plants;
Sweden looks like an IKea box;
Ireland is just a set of wooly bagpipes;
Belgium is covered in chocolates and Spain is covered in concrete!

And the best fucking bit of all?
The UK is completely missing from this Airfix style kit of Europe. The artist has just left a space where it should have been!

He's got Brownfinger, and his fucking useless bunch of arse licking, dictatorial cronies, sussed then.
Fairplay to the cheeky, fucking, Czech twat!

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