Monday, 26 January 2009

Man Cold, Man Flu, I'm Dying

It's arrived. I've got it.
And doesn't everyone fucking know it.
Especially Pigsy.

Been feeling rough as fuck the last couple of days and have now decided that I have the 'Man Cold'. Serious shit this. I've gone into mega fucking grumpy, old miserable fucking twat mode. 

Moaning like it's going out of fucking fashion, I am.

Pigsy keeps saying "Get over it, you miserable old twat, it's only a fucking cold!" 

Only a fucking cold!

Fuck off. This is serious, I'm dying


Anonymous said...

If you're strong enough to copy and paste. Can I just embed here?

Maybe you need some fairy medicine. Isn't there some British thing about sucking on a Hobbit to feel better? If box office sales are any indications, those are pretty powerful little fuckers. Couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Me dear, gay dear, no dear!

BTW, can't get that link to work?

Anonymous said...

Frickin' link. It was Dennis Leary talking about Nyquil. Not fairy as in "It's Raining Men." Wings and shit. You must be one stressed individual talking about politics all the time. I wish I had the attention span. It's like algebra to me. I zone out. Our new brown sugar president has my attention though. I'd pass his bill any day.

Anonymous said...


Time for a lot of wine and little whine, methinks.