Saturday, 24 January 2009

A 'Sign Of The Times' Phonetic Alphabet

I was so pissed off with having to converse with the fucking muppets they employ at Call Centres that I decided to compose an alternative phonetic alphabet, based on the incompetence of Gordoom Brown and his Nulabore cronies.

I have found it most amusing when having to spell out my name/address etc.

The fuckwits, of course, do not find it as entertaining as I do.

Like I give a fuck. It makes me feel good.

A Anal Bandit
B Brownfinger
C Cunt
D Dictatorship
E Economically Fucked
F Fascist State
G Gordoom
H Hell
I Injustice
J Junkett
K Kakistocracy
L Lying
M Meddlesome
N Nanny State
O Objectionable
P Pravda
Q Querken
R Righteous
S Stealth Tax
T Totalitarian
U Unelected
V Vainglory
W We Are All Fucked
X Xenophilia
Y Yonderly
Z ZaNuLabore

You might also be interested to know that my name/address includes, 'w' four times,  'a' three times, 'e' twice and 'o' twice.

Oh, and try spelling New Labour.

Good times!

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banned said...

Nanny State Economically Fucked We Are All Fucked
Lying Anal Bandit Brownfinger Objectionable Unelected Righteous