Friday, 30 January 2009

Jelly Babies

I love Jelly Babies, especially the black ones.

Black Jelly Babies!

You racist!

I hate racist words like that.

I also hate black sheep, black ant, black market, black economy, black hole, black eye, black spot, black swan, black widow, blackmail, blacksmith, blackbird, black bean, black beetle, black belt, blackboard, black adder, black cat, blackjack, black, box, black watch, black rod, black knight and black humour.

Oh, and black this and black that . . . . 

Fuck off!  I'm not a racist.
I'm just saying that I like black Jelly Babies.

That is all.


banned said...

Settle down mate, go for a drink at the Green Man & Blacks Head in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, yes, excellent idea.
That would really upset Nanny. And I'd like that

Perhaps I should travel there in a black cab.

Miranda said...

Once a non-friend of mine said she had a "brown-out" which is almost a that racist towards Mexicans?

Anonymous said...

Miranda, I don't know about the States but your friend would be in the shit over here! Nanny would go out of her fucking way to find some 'race' or other that would be offended.

Sadly, minorities seem to rule here now.

BTW, thanks for stopping by.