Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tony Hart Dies Peacefully

And so he deserves to. 

During my childhood he always appeared to me to be such a quiet unassuming person quietly demonstrating, in his own inimitable way, how we could all embrace the world of art.

He made it all look so easy. Anyone can be an artist.
Art was interesting, it was such fun, an exciting thing to do.

In those early days of Vision On he showed us that creating 'your own art' could easily be done with the most mundane of household materials. Cornflake packets, empty toilet rolls, grains of rice, cotton reels. Hey, you could even use felt tip pens and an old biro if you wanted to.

And who can forget Morph.
If it wasn't for him we also wouldn't be enjoying those subsequent, wonderful creations by Nick Park. 

Thank you Tony.
God Bless.


Lorenzo said...

Grouping my television viewing history through life into large chunks and then ordering them into best and worst, I'd place Tony well towards the top of my all time favourites a truly talented nice man.

Screech said...

It truly is a sad day when someone as loved and respected as Toy Hart leaves us, he will be missed, think i might throw on my Adventures of Morph dvd now.

All Seeing Eye said...

There are quite a few high profile deaths in the last fortnight. Some political and some from Hollywood... but Tony Hart is different. A talented unsung unpretentious *bloke* who inspired a generation.

banned said...

Noveltones, Gallery music


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music.

Sighs too.

St Crispin said...

Not only was he an inspiration to us all in our younger days, he was also a Gurkha Officer, so he did his bit in other ways too.