Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sir Lord Ugly of Eurovision

"You have got to be shitting me Pigsy!", I said, as she drew my attention to yet another advert on the BBC.  Apparently it was about the Eurovision Song Contest.

"Your Country needs you!", it exclaimed gleefully.
"Maybe it does", I moaned, "But I need this pile of shite like a fucking hole in le bollock".

It was bad enough when Sir Wiggy Irish Fat Fucker was involved with it but now it appears that we have to put up with some 'light on yer toes' twat named after a motorbike. Something to do with the Le Pink Vote, according to Pigsy.


Now, as if that wasn't bad enough, the BBC have decided to pissoir even more licence fee payers money up the fucking wall by asking Sir Lord Ugly of Publicity Jockeys to pen a suitable ditty.
Pound to a pinch of shit it'll be called 'Le Doo Dee Dah Dee Dum Dum Doh', or some such bollocks. Sung by a pair of minge munching twins that no fucker has ever heard of, nor will again.

Who the fuck cares about some vote rigging, Euro karaoke pantomime that we have absolutely no chance of winning. With or without the help of Sir Lord Ugly with Pubes for Eyebrows.

Stop wasting our money you twats.
C'est rien que de la merde.
Va te faire enculer.

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