Wednesday, 15 September 2010

EU What! +++ Updated +++

The EU has begun formal moves to demand that the United Nations recognises it as State. I am currently drowning in a tsunami of boiling piss at the moment but IPJ sums it up well HERE.

Image by Lawson.

Meanwhile, how long will it be before this becomes illegal .......

+++ UPDATE +++
Van Rompuy and Ashton have been prevented from addressing the UN assembly next week by the Arab, African, Latin America and Caribbean nations but not by Britain.

Ok then, seeing as the bullshitting Cleggeron Cunnilition don't have the balls then I guess it's up to me to say what everyone else is thinking .......

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Captain Peacock said...

I think you will find its already against the law to criticise the EU super state.
Note the two top people to rule over millions were not elected.
Why then do we need 650 traitors, spongers and crooks in Westminister.

Billy Blofeld said...

How apt that we find out this news on 15th September - "Battle Of Britain Day"

I can't see iDave growing a pair and stopping this bullshit.  It really is about time the while fucking country took to the streets in protest.

Captain Peacock said...

Dave wont be stopping anything he's a EU NWO stooge.
Your vote was wasted on this creep, like he thinks Turkey joining the EU is a good idea. Has he asked the public and will he give the public a say.... answer NO.

Anonymous said...

A lovely video Gotty.

Moving, eloquent and entirely devoid of any hint of misunderstanding.

For one glorious moment I thought you were pissing on the flames but realised quickly that you wouldn't piss on the EUSSR if it WAS on fire, and would be more likely to hose on liberal quantities of accelerant.

BB - agree with you: Cameron will not be growing a pair. Twat probably never had any in the first place. Probably got some LibDem to do the biz with the fair Samantha... given his sense of direction I would be surprised if the marriage has ever been consummated.

Angry Exile said...

I think the UN could recognise that the EU is in a fucking state, but beyond that...

Anyhoo, it's the fucking UN, another bunch of unelected, international, illiberal polliecunts. If they told me the sky was blue I'd look out the fucking window to make sure. Fuck the lot of them, EU and UN both.

Joe Public said...

"Meanwhile, how long will it be before this becomes illegal ......."

Not long. All those breaches of Health & Safety legislation.

1. Open flames (especially near wooden fence - fire risk)
2. No visible Fire Extinguisher closeby in case of flare-up
3. Adding combustible materials to a fire without the required fire-proof jacket & sleeves.
4. Squirting flammable liquid onto a fire - ?Terrorist Training? Visit from Special Branch required.
5. Causing a fire to create carcinogenic smoke affecting the health of population in general.

Oh, and it adds to Global Warming too.

That's my five-penneth; can any of your astute readers add more?

Captain Peacock said...

The traitors in parliament have betrayed us all.
This ruling from the UN would be the icing on the cake for them.
The EU is already a state.
What does any state have..
Citizenship......The EU ignores countries citizenships and allowed citizen to   move unchecked.
Passports ...... All the EU passports are the same except naming the state.
Money............Most countries in the EU have a common currency.
Embassies.......The EU is setting up its own embassies in most countries.
Head of State..The EU has a unelected head of state ruling over millions.
Ministers.........The EU has its own ministers in charge of foreign policy ect.
Police..............Police can move around all EU states with the power of arrest.
Courts............The EU court overrules any state court.
Army..............Even now there's talk of joining up carriers and the like....common army on the way.
Immigration control.. The EU dictates immigration policy for all EU states.
So folks is it a state or not?

Bring On The Revolution said...

Fuck off and die utterly useless UN, Fuck off and die evil interfering  empire EUSSR, fuck off and die Muzzie colonising cunts, Fuck off and die all the treasonous, treacherous traitors of the utterly useless fuckwits of the Westminster political establishment.
Revolution NOW and take OUR country back!!!!

Caratacus said...

No risk assessment carried out.
Not using personal protective equipment (PPR) - gloves.
Has the requisite licence been purchased?
Poking fire wiv a stick, wooden, one for the use of.
No visible warning signs.

MOST IMPORTANT: not a fucking sign of celebratory beer as far as I can see.

GreatScot said...

I don't want a fucking say if Turkey joins the EU or not, I want us out and now. If we were to stay in and a say was given I would vote for every single liability country to join and watch the whole fucking lot disintegrate.

Captain Haddock said...

"Meanwhile, how long will it be before this becomes illegal" ? .......   If one is of the white, indigenous European persuasion .. the answer is "With immediate effect" .. Conversely, if one is of the "Islamic" or "Roma" persuasion .. the answer will be Never, in case WE offend YOU .. "Would you like to borrow my lighter Sir/Madam" ? Speaking of getting rid of unwanted symbols, I had a good laugh today .. I went to see my old ) Mum (82) today & was horrified to see that she'd left what I took to be a pile of £10.00 notes on the window ledge, whilst the patio door stood wide open .. After offering my advice regarding personal safety .. she held up the "£10.00 notes" to reveal a paper napkin, printed with extremely realistic, life-sized facsimiles (about 20 on each side) .. Sadly, she couldn't remember where she'd got them from ...  Just thinking that if someone were able to lay hands on a supply of similar objects printed with the EU Flag .. they could be used to blow one's nose .. or wipe one's arse on .. ;)   :)   :)

Catosays said...

You both forgot the obvious...Burning the EUSSR flag...surely a heinous offence.

James said...

Just came from there - yes.  So inevitable.

Indyanhat said...

OOOOooooo fire like fire...MMMMmmmmatches....Euuuurrrrrrrope..hehehhhheeeeee

Anonymous said...

UK out
Turkey in

Seems fair to me!

sadbutmadlad said...

Gotty, I've just had me tea and that picture of the two cunts does not help in my digestion.

Gildas said...

EU get your Turkey in!
EU get your UK out
In out! In out! And gravy train about!
You print the Greeks some euros and then all run out!
That's what it's all about!
Oh oh they're unelected...!
Oh oh they're unelected...! 
etc etc etc ;)

Caratacus said...

<span>Gildas - Inspired! In-fucking-spired... I'll be singing that all day tomorrow.  
I can see that all those centuries spent in prayer were not entirely wasted...</span>

fred said...

I think that portrait of The Two Uglies deserves a soundtrack & I can't think of a better one than the Lily Allen 'Fuck You' song.

Dave said...

As members of the "big society" shouldn't we be allowed a say, just a vote, on the big issues. Issues such as continued membership of the EU? How patronising of Cleggy to wax lyrical about democracy yet we aren't to worry our pretty little heads about the issues that matter.

Fascist Hippy said...

Not having Blairs head wrapped in it when you set fire to it!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

As Lawson said over at his place ...
"<span>It's time to walk the walk Dave, because the bullshit is heading straight for the fan"</span>

GrumpyOldTwat said...

@ Caratacus
Not me in the video, otherwise the drink would definitely have been flowing ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

@Gildas  - Excellent!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Lovin' that idea! It's about time I did an updated version of this ...

GrumpyOldTwat said...

I'd be happy to provide the artwork ;)

Captain Peacock said...

"Van Rompuy and Ashton have been prevented from addressing the UN assembly next week by the Arab, African, Latin America and Caribbean nations but not by Britain."
Don't except this hostility to last its like the Irish No vote the EU will just bribe all these leaders.
Watch over the next few months a huge increase of EU aid [bribes] to these countries.
What the EU wants it gets.

banned said...

Great' idea; let's campaign for Georgia, Somebehkhistan and Libya to join and Israel!

Gildas said...

Thanks everyone!  :-D  

Gildas said...

Many thanks Caratacus.   :)  

banned said...

Nicked the pic, ta.