Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nick Hogan Back Behind Bars ++Updated++

What absolutely fantastic news!!

Nick Hogan has now been released from
Forest Bank Prison, Pendlebury.

Nick Hogan smiles as he leaves prison with wife Denise
after being released 11 days into a six-month sentence

Daily Mail article

BBC article



Mark Wadsworth said...

What a way to celebrate 'National Nosmo King Day'

Dick Puddlecote said...

What better way to celebrate this than a chunky cigar on No Smoking Day?

Doesn't get better than that. :-)

Barking Spider said...

Perfect day for him to get out!

I hope he had a big lock-in smokeathon to celebrate!

microdave said...

Good news!

G.O.T. You might like to check the links above - the first is "404 not found", the second links to OH's place.

Anonymous said...

A more perfect day to give the Righteous a fuck the fuck off signal....I cannot think of.

National No Smoking day should be officially renamed and henceforth known as "Nick Hogan Smoking Day" ;-)

We should all remember this day, every year, for a very long time!

Anonymous said...

The story actually made the Manchester Evening news.

New Labour wont like that one jot, spilling over from the blogsphere into the local mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Cheers MD
Links now sorted.

Don't know what happened there, haven't even had a drink yet ;-)

Thanks for the link and imagine what those New Labour fucktards are going to say if it hits the National dailies tomorrow.

Fuck 'em!

Anonymous said...

Right lads and lasses that's that little job done and dusted, now how many more of the 646 can we put behind iron bars where they belong.

Anonymous said...

get in there. Puts my £140 fine for having a fag in the train to shame. Nice work blogsters

Anonymous said...

The BBC reporting the story for fucks sake.

Has Clarkeson been demoted to the news desk for his "One eyed idiot" outburst?

Old Holborn said...

Good stuff innit

Don't forget to watch the Guidogram on Friday.

Right, off to Westminster Magistrates court with an entire wheelbarrow of rotten veg.

and I ain't joking..

PS Nick and Denise say thanks to you all

Anonymous said...

Can't you just guess that very damned soon, we're all gonna be donating for Holborns release.

Anonymous said...

I would

Anonymous said...

We won't be paying for OH's release, we're be using dynamite instead.

banned said...

Did they really let OH into HMP still wearing his mask (as reported)?

Anonymous said...

Too true, Lorenzo.

Grumps has been a bit quiet over the last few days. I infer from that that his copy of Photoshop is getting a right rogering. Stand by for some more classic posters. :-)

Grumps, a request: Can you do a spoof of those actors shamefully holding up their "CONVICTED" boards in front of them in the latest series of "I never thought I'd get caught" anti benefit theft TV ads, but with those 4 MPs faces in place of the actors? What a jolly wizard wheeze. I do hope you can fix it for us!

Amusing Bunni said...

This is great news. Well done everyone!
I'm happy Nick is home with his wife and family.