Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stunning Cunt Performs Cunning Stunt

What a total cunt this man is.

The very next day after he blagged his way through 'his evidence' and lied his fat fucking face off about how he did everything in his power to help the armed forces, he just happens to pay a visit to our troops in Afghanistan. "I've planned this visit for some time", says the lying, deluded, bullying, unelected, blood stained, bell end cheese taster.

Well I say he's a lying cunt and this is yet another pathetic example in a long fucking list of pathetic examples by a sad, lonely, drug dependent, talentless, out of control, power crazed, shit stain who will do anything, and I mean anything, to try and 'win' votes.

Even laugh in the faces of dead troops' bereaved relatives.

I repeat.
What a total cunt this man is.



Gareth said...

Courtesy of a commentor on Guido's site there is now this:

Gordon Brown's party political letter that exploits the murder of a Huddersfield newsagent.

Anonymous said...

I listened to some of the 'enquiry' and all the one eyed mong did was repeat the same old mantra and wouldn't shut up.
You know how these fuckers talk an interview out with waffle and bullshit, it was exactly that.
Nobody asked the big questions like:
Why are you such a cunt?
Why are you such a lying cunt?
Why don't you like our military?
what's a couple of fucking helicopters to you, you fucking CND supporting wank stain?


Fidothedog said...

Stealing this post.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Hear! Hear!

You speak for millions, I reckon, GOT!

My Thoughts My Country said...

I'm linking this in my next blog.

Well said, and i mean that, every single word.

God I hope the people of the UK doesn't fall for this complete publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

I can only assume the useless fat Scotch cunt is hell-bent on destroying our troops' moral. The ugly one-eyed pile of shit must surely be aware by now of the invariably dire effects his 'backing' has upon those it is bestowed.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some rogue element within the Afghan army will stick a bullet in the back of his ugly fat head and bring world peace a step closer.

I do hope he comes back in a box. I'd turn up at Wooten Basset just to chuck a brick through his hearse.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

At least Gordon can find Afghanistan on a map. Our fearless leader over here can't.

microdave said...

"What a total cunt this man is."

I have to disagree - cunts can be useful and give lots of pleasure, so I'm told....

Barking Spider said...

If the cunt did get a bullet in the back of his thick skull, for once, the extremists on all sides of the spectrum would be united in their mockery and jeering of the cunt as his coffin is driven through the town.

Lee said...

Don't - that vision is second only to winning the lottery and fucking off out of here!

Anonymous said...

I fancy joining the forces but I don't want my life to ever be in danger, am i making the right choice?