Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Darling's Vote Winning Budget ++Updated++

Yeah right.
More like Bully Boy Brown's desperate attempt to try and buy a few more votes without giving a flying fuck for the long term future of this Country.

The only good thing about today?
It REALLY is Darling's last budget.

So, good fucking riddance, you bushy eye browed, fiscal fucking bastard. You shot in the dark, clutching at straws, Chancer of the BouncedChequer from the Twattery. You baffoon of an unelected Gordoom Brownfinger's mouthpiece.

Fuck off and fill the expense fiddling, sleaze ridden black hole of a fucked-in-the-arse British economy, from the tax-payer-cash laden bank accounts that all you fucking arsewipes at NuLabore have got.

And keep your fucking tax hungry mitts off the red wine. . . .

Don't forget to come and have your say.....
Live chat during the Budget,
here at 12.15pm

Following a request from Uncle Marvo, in the comments,
Lorenzo has been busy with the photoshop ;-)


Ampers said...

Stop trying to hide behind words, G.O.T.

Come out and let us know, do you like Darling or don't you?


Captain Haddock said...

FFS .. the bloke's a failed Jockanese Solicitor .. what else can you expect ???

Uncle Marvo said...

Wot Ampers said. You really must come out and say what you think, G.O.T.

Bets on BEER going up?

Uncle Marvo said...

Oooh. How long would it take to photoshop (is that the word) his dick in the other hand?

Anonymous said...

And the sheep will come home from work tonight and watch the 'news'.

- They will moan
- They will have another moan
- ... but the soaps and other Tell-Lie-Vision distractions are on... that will calm them down.


How do you tame/control a useful idiot?... like the 'British' population...

I can tell you... but government-controlled spies are watching [removes 'tin-foil hat']

Oldrightie said...


They will also stir briefly to vote their benefit paymaster back in to screw those of us poor sods who have to pay the taxes.

Uncle Marvo said...

Should that be "choose to pay the taxes"?

hunkofjunk said...

there are rumours in dark corners that he might announce a "mansion tax." There won't be any blogging at that point; just the charred smoking remains of a bunch of angry bloggers who have spontaneously combusted with rage.

A "mansion tax," would, of course, penalise the Tory south more than the north and would fit in nicely with their spiteful and cynical agenda to wreck anything thats left of what were once bright and optimistic lives.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

It looks like the BBC already have a copy. They keep having 'The BBC Understands' items on their ticker.

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle Marvo

Lorenzo has duly met your request and the result has been added to the main post ;-)

Uncle Marvo said...

As the cabbie said to the skint tart:

Haven't you got anything smaller?