Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nick Hogan Donate Posters

Anna Racoon and Old Holborn are running a campaign
to raise enough money to pay Nick Hogan's fine so that
this ordinary hard working man can be released from prison.

Full details and running totals of donations can be found here:

Please get over there and make a donation and then print off
copies of the posters and stick them up wherever you can

Thank you.

 Click on any poster for A4 version

Alternative suggestions are welcome in the comments.
I will produce more if the demand is there.


Ampers said...

One point that may have been overlooked here is that if the fine is raised quickly, and Nick is released, it will be a "frightening" blow to the authorities.

They are making an example of him and, if it backfires and he has his fine paid for by thousands of ordinary citizens, this will be very worrying to the present government.


Captain Ranty said...

I agree with Ampers.

They need to show us all that there is zero tolerance for mavericks.

For thousands of people to chip in like this shows them just how deep our contempt is for their nannying, childish, unjustifiable smoker ban.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Grumpers. That's the first time you have ever used Photoshop to create something that doesn't have the word "CUNT" in it. :-D

Captain Ranty said...


Nicked a Nick poster and blogged.


Let's get the bloke home.

Thanks for your help with the posters.


Anonymous said...

Ampers, I don't think this shower of shit will be too put out about this. After all, smoking is pretty much a non-issue politically. If there were to be a successful whip around for a private prosecution of some politician over war crimes, then that might be a different matter. The trouble with the British is that they get very airiated over silly things on a point of principle and totally ignore the bigger picture.

Unknown said...

Thanks Grumps for getting behind Nick Hogan, a friend I've met may a time along with Hamish Howitt and Tony Blows, three businessmen that dared to allow smokers to smoke on their premises.

I refer your readers to a video I made a couple of years ago:


If your readers cannot donate then they can send a letter or card of support to:

Nick Hogan
prisoner DN5431
HMP & YOI Forest Bank
Agecroft Road
M27 8FB

John H Baker, office for Freedom2Choose.info

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Excellent stuff Gotty. I've linked to the posters (and nicked them).

Old Holborn said...



Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is about the only decent policy this loathsome revolting government have introduced.Let Hogan do his time & rightly so.Anyone who imposes his breathtakingly arrogant selfishness on others to the detriment of their personal health should be banged up.
Those who want to give themselves cancer amongst many other things should practise their stinking filthy habit behind their own doors & not where the general public have access to.

Fidothedog said...

grabbed on of the pic's stuck it on the top of my sidebar and will be using it on FB until this chap is out of prison.

Uncle Marvo said...

Fuck off, Anonymous, and/or say who the fuck you are, you self-righteous wankstain.

Sorry, got distracted.

Now, GOT, perhaps you could find time to do a poster for this, pretty please? It's not mine, but I want the poster.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Anon - assuming you're not just a troll out for a reaction (I never react in the way you people want me to anyway), you might like to read this:


Wormsnapper said...

Anon, it's selfish fucks like you spouting such crap and being listened to the bunch of authoritarian cunts in power that's resulted in thousands of pubs going out of business. Why no smoking rooms? Huh? And what the fuck has it got to do with government what publicans allow on their own property? You snivelling righteous prick

Anonymous said...

wormcrap & marvoprick,i don't expect to have insults hurled at me because i happen to have a different viewpoint than you pair of arrogant tossers.I don't give one toss if pubs are closing down.They're for drinking in,not for selfish idiots dealing in death breathing cancerous filth at anyone who comes within a stench of them.
It fuckin' kills so if you knobs want to go & kill yourselves do it in your own living rooms.One bloke who had the sense to realize it unlike you morons.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Anon - I've got to argue the point. If you're reading the Mail, you'd be labelled by some as a little Englander. And part of English culture is to occasionally visit a pub, especially after a hard week of earning tax. So to not give a toss if they're closing down is highly un-English, and to be un-English is to read the Guardian and vote Labour.

You anti-smokers wanted the pubs. Now you've got them and refuse to use them as you don't give a toss if they're closing down. So what the hell was the palaver over smoking in pubs about? Seeing as you obviously don't go to pubs I fail to see the premise of your original argument that we were giving you cancer by smoking in a place you never visited, or intend to visit.

Besides, duty from fags is about 10 billion. Cost of conditions somewhat loosely defined as "smoking related" to the NHS is 2.7 billion. We're the ones paying for your future Alzheimer's care. Remember that.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

And ANYWAY, this is about Nick Hogan, not you, Anon.

Debate no longer derailed.

All Seeing Eye said...

Good on you, CS. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Anon,the chappie with some deepseated neurosis about smoking.
Obviously this is another silly billy who shuffles paper all day,
never having seen an industrial
hell hole let alone worked in one.
Would anon ban ALL smoking in
enclosed areas or is it just the
tobacco flavoured fumes that catch
the nose.
When there are no smoke filled
industrial hellholes in this land,
you may have a point,in the meanwhile,buzz off and mither elsewhere.

The Gasping Blacksmith

Houdini said...

I'm skint so I';ll send him some baccy he can exchange for gear in the nick :-)

Uncle Marvo said...

Dear anonagain,

Thank you for your comments. I am indeed an arrogant tosser and justly proud of that - I don't know about wormcrap. Now I know you are not merely a troll for you have taken the trouble to reply, and so shall I.

I agree with you that a pub is for drinking in, but not solely so. In the olden days there were smoking bars (rooms) and it was the choice of an individual to either enter that room or not.

I do not advocate the use of everywhere as a smoking room. Nor have I ever done so.

I advocate freedom of choice. Relatives of mine died in the war fighting for that.

I also have a huge problem with the way this "ban" has been introduced, using the electorate as policemen and punishing them if they do not put up nosmo king stickers, or if they "allow" someone to smoke, and forcing smokers (who are not doing anything illegal - the gov hasn't got the balls to ban smoking yet) to shiver outside in subzero temperatures - and that, matey, is against any form of human rights that I understand.

As for hurling insults - I merely called you a self-righteous wankstain. Perhaps wankstain was a little harsh.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

Your most arrogant tosser


Unknown said...

Well said Marvo. Arrogance is not a crime...YET.

I do not knock anonagain for his words as I can see that maybe he should have used his words wisely but there again, so should we all. Anon I dissagree vehemently about what you write but I will defend to the hilt your right to write it, if that makes any sense?

I know Nick personally and he would defend you anon, up to the hilt!

Anonymous said...

Grow your own tobacco and fuck the goverment up ,

non-smoker said...

I am a non-smoker but used to use the pubs a lot (until my smoker friends were forced to abandon them). Nevertheless, though I detested coming home reeking of smoke, I still think this ban is bang out of order. It could easily have been solved by compromise in the form of smoking and non-smoking areas. Trust this government to fuck it up, just like they fuck up EVERY FUCKING THING THEY TOUCH.

And since when has a *private club* been regarded as a "public place" - yet this fucking ban applies in these establishments too. Fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

Difficult one for me, used to be on 200 a week but stopped, couldn't bear the stink in pubs but get really pissed off at being told what to do and nearly started smoking again when the ban came in.
Will donate regardless.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

If you had told people in 1960 that pub landlords would be jailed for allowing smoking to take place in their pubs, most would think you were barking.

Sometimes I feel as if I stepped into a parallel universe without noticing. One where everything I thought was bad is now good.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Gotty, Great posters, as your usual creative genius. I am unemployed now, as you know, so I cna't really donate any money. I did put the pic on my sidebar!
It is wonderfully encouraging to see so much has been raised already. It makes me mad that things have gotten this awful your way.

Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is one of the most political issues there is. It sits at the very root of government authoritarianism and crux of denial of property rights and personal freedom of choice, as well as access to the truth, since second-hand-smoke has yet to be proven harmful one bit what-so-ever but the truth is not allowed to be said openly, only in hushed tones appropriate to like in church, in obeyance to authority. The divide and conquering aspect of the government driven campaign has resulted in a number of people, the anti-smokers, disrupting and withholding important rights as ennunciated above, from all of us. It most certainly is a political issue and it's becoming more political every day as the latest series of incarcerations and unjust sentences for thought crimes is beginning to bear light of day. Snore, snore, snooze, snooze - whoever's saying it's not political, it most certainly is a political statement being made with every fag lit up - and a bigger political statement when they start lighting up indoors again and tell the old-bill to go eff off. In mass, it's no different than the civil rights movement in the US - it would be unstoppable. It just needs to wake up first in the world of spirit and soul inside every thinking man's and woman's brains - and then it will take off from there.

Uncle Marvo said...


see comments. If you weren't so good at this I'd stop asking :-)

Snarky Basterd said...

Simply incredible that this sort of thing could happen in a free society.

Oh. Wait. There is no free society anymore.

BTW: Saw on Facebook last night that it was your birthday, yesterday. Now you're an older Grumpy Old Twat. Hope it was a great day.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this a mistake by me, but I think you may have missed the 'l' out of Old Holborn's e-mail address. It should be oldholborn@gmail.com