Sunday, 28 March 2010

Vote For Old Holborn

Just when I thought that I was sick and fucking tired of the 'Downfall' video format, somebody has come along and scripted one of the best versions I have ever seen.

OK, OK, so I get a mention along with a host of other bloggers but even so, it really is rather excellent. Tip of the twat to Cold Steel Rain ;-)



Ampers said...

Great, when I first saw it I sent a copy to the only people I know in Cambridge, imploring them to vote to the bastard :-)

BTW I notised he's dropped bastard from his name :-)

Ampers said...

did anyone spot my deliberate error :-)

Anonymous said...

Solid format, deep in humour, soon has you locked into the plot.

Anonymous said...


I notised.

microdave said...

That is far and away the best - but I suspect Guido won't think so.....

Oldrightie said...

Terrific but no mention of OldRightie! I can live with that if Snotty gets hauled out of Office. Balls looks very shaky, too!

John Demetriou said...

Don't mean to be rude, but it's really not at all funny or witty.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible world it would be if we were all to find amusement within the same sphere.

Individual discernment is a wonderful thing, don't you think, and therefore I respect your differing opinion.

Incidentally, did you type your comment using just the one hand ;-)

John Demetriou said...

How'd you guess?

The other was jacking away, mate. Pumping that one-eyed trouser bean to the soulful sounds of Hitler's spittle-flecked rant.

Lovely stuff.

Anonymous said...

@ J Demetriou:

There was a time last Summer when the Libertarian party sang from the same hymn sheet, and were pretty much united from the outside at least. One of your members (yes I'm aware that you've now left) requested a video, so we made one and in those times of blissful unity, I can't recall your name being cited at all.

So the question must be asked:

How much of a fucking problem are you and your mate, and if you fucked off right now would anybody miss you?

I'm guessing not, from what I've been told, as it seems all that your interested in is creating division.

Barking Spider said...

@ D&C

Ouch! ;-)

John Demetriou said...


Who are you?

Never heard of you mate. Bye.

Anonymous said...

@J Demetriou:

I'm mortally wounded. How will I ever recover from that.

Shows I'm doing something right at least, keeping shot of you.


Like a little girl.

John Demetriou said...

"I'm mortally wounded. How will I ever recover from that."

Maybe start using question marks at the end of sentences? So people can understand what you're saying? You cunt?


Like a little girl."

Only little girls say 'bye', now? Wow, I must be behind the times, kiddies. Either that or you're one tough, mean motherfucker.

Stay away from this one, folks, he's a live-wire. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I nearly didn't watch it, having become quite bored with them, but because OH hosted it, I sighed and clicked play.

I agree - definitely one of the best! And well done to bloggers who got a mention!

Pity the author confused OH's with Guy Fawkes, though. ;)

Who did make it? Congrats to the author!

Anonymous said...

@ J Demitriou:

Ooooh hark at him first thing on a morning.

Somebody hadn't had their weetabix yet.

Cold Steel Rain said...

Twas I Fausty... J Demitriou is my number one fan - and wants my babies.

banned said...

Brilliant, one of the best and added to my collection, ta.