Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Budget Song

It's amazing how you can still try to be smart,
Thanks to you our economy's fallen apart,
This Budget Day you have done it again,
Talked a lot but you don't say a thing,

You're all a disgrace, and you've mortgaged the country,
All your figures are lies, and you've wasted our money,
In thirteen long years you've delivered precisely sod-all,
We've masses of debt,
and you've done nothing at all.

Courtesy of Dungeekin
who has the rest of the revised lyrics here ;-)

Many thanks to all those that took part in the Budget Live Blog. Hope you all enjoyed it and any feedback you have would be welcome in the comments here ;-)


manwiddicombe said...

The Live Blogging was highly entertaining indeed. The running commentary helped to brighten up the bullshit emanating from the radio.

I got a little bit of lag at times. Whether that was my connection or because there were so many simultaneous hosts I don't know (and quite honestly it wasn't too much of an issue).

A good laugh and worth doing again if the opportunity arises (say from 11pm on May 6th?).

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Certainly ebtter than LabourLosts - that was just pure Stalinism at its best with moderation overkill. The only thing I got through was "Good afternoon".

I didn't swear, wasn't rude and just made posts about Darling's claims about helping SMEs when I was making a point about all the Corp Tax that went up.

Nothing. Nada.

It's just how those socialists operate - they're freaks.

Guido's PMQs Live Chat Highlights here - checkout all the funnies you missed earlier today!

Anonymous said...

So what did I miss, whilst slaving my guts out at work?

Fags up? Booze Up? Petrol up? Bad budget for tax payers like me? Bad budget for those whom pay national insurance like me?

Good budget for the feckless and workshy?

Am I Near the mark?

Just like the last fucking thirteen damned Years then..

subrosa said...

Thank you Gotty for doing the admin for me. Yer a darling so ye are.

I didn't have any problems whatsoever, it flowed along beautifully even when I decided to go for a cigarette.

How about we do one for one of these Prime Ministerial Debates? Just to lighten the load. :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Rosie and I'm glad that so many people seem to have enjoyed the Live Blogging. Judging by the incredible stats that TheEye sent over to me, it was a very popular event too.

Thanks to all the blogs and commentors that took part.

Maybe we'll look into doing another one for the leaders' debates then..... if there is enough demand ;-)

Dioclese said...

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