Saturday, 13 March 2010

McCanns On The Run

The couple wore matching white T-shirts
bearing a smiling picture of their daughter and the words
"Don't give up on me".

Yeah, right!

In the meantime here is the video that
Kate and Gerry McCann don't want you to see....



Anonymous said...

great video thanks for putting this on line

Anonymous said...

They may be running now but sooner or later they will trip up.

Anonymous said...


The Revenant said...

We want the perfect holiday. We're busy Doctors afterall (chuckles). We deserve time to ourselves. I want time for just us, without those little bastards. I want to go out with our friends! Let's just anaesthetise them as we would the sad cunts that fall into our hands in the NHS. With the little bastards unconscious we can go out with our friends to the Tapas bar and not hear their annoying cries and wails. They might die. Who fucking cares? Well, the ones got a manky eye anyway... etc Chatter, chatter, chatter. Better check on the little fuckers. Oh God, you dosed her up too much you stupid bitch. It's your fault you scottish cunt, you gave me the hypo. Fuck you, you scouse bitch. What do we do? We don't panic. Panic? What else do we do? Bundle her up in this. Get the car keys and that heavy clock off the mantelpiece. What? We'll dump her in the Atlantic. Eh? We'll nick a pedalo. What? Just get your stupid scouse arse moving, bitch! Fuck you, you Scottish twat! Etc, etc

Oldrightie said...

Seems likely they'll get away with it whilst he carries on bullying and torturing his family.

Anonymous said...

I think they will get away with it but they will never convincingly pose as victims

Gary Glitter said...

Reminds me of the Browns, and their dark little secret.

Except that Kate McCann is a MILF!

Well, until she loses the other two.