Sunday 25 September 2011

Good News For Some


Bad news for others. I guess it just depends who the fuck you are.

Gotty is back. For 6 days. Holiday relief for another old bastard blogger.

My first offering can be found HERE.

Enjoy ;-)


Bunni said...

Welcome back, Gotty!

Anonymous said...

I intend to vote no on the California eduction taxes (30 & 38). Their salaries never shoudl have skyrocketted in the 2000s.
A temporary fix isn't sufficient. We need a long term fix.
They claim accrediation is necessary. K-12 isn't rocket science.
There are enough graduates without direction we shoudl offer them a chance to work off their student debt with a pre-determined number of years working as a teacher, for the new lower wage pay structure.

Avatar Games said...

yoyo Gotty :P