Sunday, 21 February 2010

What The Fuck Is Going On?

Labour are creeping back up in the polls and The Eye, quite rightly, describes this graph as a worrying trend.

Is it because the squiffy eyed, unelected, pill popping bully boy has electorate endearing qualities that the rest of us are failing to detect? OR is it because Call me Dave thinks that all he has to do is turn up on Election Day and airbrush himself into Number 10?

I'm far too fucking grumpy at the moment to even contemplate what my eyes see before me but I am beginning to wonder if we're all wasting our fucking time.

Can we really make a difference?

*leaves room to stand waiting for the bar to open*



Catosays said...

but I am beginning to wander if we're all wasting our fucking time.

Yes, my mind's beginning to wander as I start to wonder.

Does Dave want to lose this election? If so, he's going the right bloody way.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith... Gordon Brown won't be in Number 10 for much longer...

Screw the polls, they could be rigged...

Joe Public said...

Send for Phil Jones to "Hide the Decline"

Anonymous said...

Do you know Cato, I have been wandering, sorry, wondering if Dave would rather LOSE the election.

After all, that would allow him longer to get some decent policies together whilst Gordon has to actually sort out all the shit that he, himself, has created.

Doesn't help us mere mortals much in the short term though.

Just an idea but I think it has legs ;-)

Mrs Ena Fuckwitt said...

Our family has always voted Labour.

Houdini said...

I've just posted this on BOM and think this is what the problem is. Cameron is forgetting who fucking elects him. It isn't the few fucking poofs, ethnics, rag fucking heads and mussy cunts he thinks will, it is the ordinary man in the street.

he problem is that Cameron, listening to the people around him who know little of the real world, is concentrating his mind on irrelevancies like green issues, spouting platitudes, and making sure every candidate is the right type of ethnic and sexuality, despite what the likes of Dale claim, not to mention trying to be too nice and getting stuffed because of it. He is chasing the minorities and will end up with a minority vote.

He needs someone from the real world to advise him. Someone who knows ordinary people. Cameron undoubtedly has the vote of the Notting Hill set and usual liberal elite around the UK, but these are probably the smallest minority. Well done Dave.

The Sun, whatever you think of them, knows the score and knows who to aim at to win votes and large majorities. They fight dirty and personal, like Labour do, and they are right as this is the language of the majority.

My election poster for the Tories? I might make this one BTW and post it on my blog, would be an angry Cameron jabbing a finger at a small and cowering Brown, with the following capyions listed:

That bastard destroyed our economy
That bastard destroyed our culture
That bastards incompetence and dishonesty
is destroying politics
That bastard and the bastards of Labour
Have destroyed EVERYTHING!
And you still want to vote for them?

Not nice, but true and appealing to the vast majority of ordinary people out there. Not the small amount of people he thinks matter, but the vast majority of whom put an X on paper and who really count.

Forget all the facts and figures, the bottom line is they need to talk to the ordinary people like ordinary people.

woman on a raft said...

Like the Welsh but for different reasons, I'm hoping for a hung parliament as that may paralyse the bastards for a while and prevent them passing any more bad legislation. In an ideal world there would be huge repeals of the malevolent guff which is already on the books, but politics is the art of the possible so we are lumbered for the time being. It is even tolerable for Labour to win with a slender majority - about three - so that they can't risk travelling in the same ministerial car, and yet still collect all the grief for the balls-ups of the past.

If I thought the Conservative government in waiting were any kind of reasonable alternative I'd be pushing for a change of government but they are so deplorable - the Blue-tinged equivalent of Neil Kinnock - that I can hardly bring myself to recommend them even as a way of getting rid of Snotty.

It has taken the Conservatives 36 years to admit that they got education wrong, right from 1974 when Mrs T (of all people) implemented Shirley Williams' disastrous plan to make sure no provinicial grocer's daughter would ever be able to climb to the heights of No. 10 again, and carried on getting it wrong all through the years them had the authority to produce a world-class generation of scientists, artists, technicians and traders. People who could make their own money and might not have voted for the benefits culture. All they did was the weedy and destructive 1988 Education Act which was so hopelessly riddled with leftist-thinking that it is scarcely believable that it came from a Conservative government at all.

Even now, all that Gove has is a tentative voucher plan which won't work for ages and the teaching old-guard is already rehearsing its arguments as to why it won't work at all (see TES this week). The coward still can't face the fact that inclusive education means every class of 30 contains three children with problems such that it means the other 27 are held up every single day and end up ignorant morons at puberty, by which time it is getting too late to correct failures as no natural 14 year old really wants to be doing remedial maths lessons.

It's not that this Labour government is any good, it's that the Conservatives are so little improvement that it scarcely provides any reason to drag my self down to the polling station to put a cross in their box at all.

Houdini said...

I don't agree WOAR. What you're espousing is another five years of Brown and Labour, just because Cameron is a wet cunt?

Give me any wet cunt or sloppy fanny over Brown and Labour any day.

The only way I would support a Labour Government is so it can take the shit it needs to take in the coming year or two as it tries to sort the fuck ups of the past 13 years out, and that isn't going to happen. A Hung Parliament? Brown could blame this on a stalled recovery and use this to hide his own corruption and incompetence.

Harking back to the Tories 36 years ago shows one thing, IMO, and that is that you are a Labour troll.

I want Cameron to sort himself out, not to do much the same and let Labour in, like you do.

Catosays said...

You've got a lovely poster prototype there. I'll post if it you do it.

As to I said above, does he want to lose?

As to WOAR's comments. Yes, the education problem is one which will caome back and bite the Tories if they can't sort it out. You can not allow educationally sub normal people to be taught in the same class as others. It just doesn't work...nor will it ever.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

For sometime now I’ve believed that nuLieBore are going to remain in power (note that I didn’t say win the election). In fact I actually believe that they should.

Economic collapse is inevitable; better that it happens when nuLieBore are in power, so that they can correctly take the blame, than under someone else. This will teach the British people the folly of their ways in electing a Labour Government.

It will give the Conservatives a chance to ditch Cameron and all those B’Liar/nuLieBore clone policies. One could think that the Conservatives realise this and are deliberately trying to throw the election. However, this supposes some intelligence in the party and this is clearly not the case. The electorate know this. That is why just the property of not being Labour is not good enough to maintain support.

The best thing that could happen is a massive economic collapse and all the main parties swept away to make room for some new ideas. We need a K-T event!

Houdini said...

Firing up Photoshop and looking for some decent graphics now Cato...

I used to do dozens of graphics but stopped when I got somebody else in trouble. Many are still knocking about.

Cold Steel Rain said...

A NuLabour victory would bring this boil to a head and maybe it will be lanced. Joe Average might finally tear his eyes away from The X-Factor and Britains Got Talent after 5 more years of Brown.

If Cameron wins, the masses will carry on staring at their propaganda boxes and nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps call me Dave doesn't want to win.
Imagine it, the Tories have an age of austerity to get us out of the mire - it will be hard with lots of casualties but all agreed (if you have more than one brain cell) that it has to be done.
Next election comes along, there is rampant inflation owing to the one eyed pant pisser printing massive amounts of money and fuck knows what else will be going on - who will vote Tory then?

I think Dave is just giving Gordo lots of rope to see how he fares - remember, it could be the end of Labour if they win the next election.

Either that or the Tories are fucking stupid and don't realise they have to fight - it's a gamble but my moneyis on the former.

Demetrius said...

Uh, uh, Sir smells something here. What polls, how organised, who by, and with what sources? It is possible for polls to be stacked if enough subscribers or what can be registered or somehow got onto the listings? Has Labour's dirty tricks lot got into the web sites and registration lists of some of these polls?

Ampers said...

I must admit, I am leaning towards the view that, perhaps "Call me Dave" doesn't want to win it because if he does, and sorts out the mess, the Conservatives will then be in the wilderness

However, if Labour get in again, they will drive more and more jobs out of the country, and Gordon just won't be able to stop strutting the world stage, handing out a billion here and a billion there.

I certainly don't think Cameron is a heavyweight player, and I don't think he will ever be able to earn the trust of the masses. And, of course, he only talks to his advisors.

A charge once levied towards Thatcher. However, I am from Finchley and can assure you that in her successful years she would listen to the people. Whenever she was to talk at a meeting, she had a lacky carry a chair around and she would sit at everyone's table and talk transport, food, housing, and got a feel of what people actually thought.

In her unsuccessful years, when the IRA were active on the mainland, she wasn't allowed to do this, she was whisked in, spoke on the platform, and whisked out again. In those days, two things happened. 1. She had to listen to her advisors. 2. It was the end of Thatcher.

And why did she get voted in on her second term with more votes that any Prime Minister had ever had in our history? Simple, she was strong, knew what she wanted and didn't fart about from one thing to the other like Cameron.

I hated Thatcher because she was part of the team who took us into the EU. However, I am not blinded enough that I can't give credit where credit is due.


microdave said...

It certainly looks as if Dave wants to loose. Why else would he be carrying on the way he is? But I suppose if I were in his shoes I probably wouldn't want to be the one tasked with clearing up McBroons shit.

If he does get in, 5 years won't be long enough to turn things around, and he would probably end up going to the country within 3 years and loosing.

It's not the army of benefit scroungers that are the problem - it's the Common Purpose army of public service wasters and civil service pen pushers which need to be removed. But they wield an awful lot of power.....

Depressing, REALLY depressing.

Westcountry Man said...

I'm voting UKIP I gave up on the Conservative party when they started sounding more left wing the labour.

I want smaller government, fairer taxes, fairer application of benefits a withdrawal from the EU.

Nobody except UKIP is even close to offering that combination.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Buttered New Potato Cameron

This might be why ;o)

subrosa said...

It's a difficult one Gotty but I'd go with Cato and say Dave doesn't want it. It's been very noticeable this week that few tories have been on politics programmes - well few with anything to say.

But the thought of Brown winning is too much for me. I'm off to have a lie down.

Snarky Basterd said...

I'm with anonymous. The polls are probably rigged. You ARE making a difference. Keeping the bile flowing.

Anonymous said...

So most of us here are agreed then?

A hung parliament or slim Labour majority would be better for us all in the long term unless Dave can miraculously, and very quickly, grow a big pair of fuck off bollocks.

btw, what the fuck is it with Labour now wanting to be called 'New Labour' again.

Does that mean Gordoom is admitting all his fuck ups and is trying to disassociate from them by implying that Labour is now New and improved.

Who the fuck is that deluded twat trying to kid.

Personally, I feel it's important to try and stay positive. I know that can be difficult at the moment but Houdini has the right idea with that excellent suggestion for a poster.

I'm with Cato, I'll post it too.

So, for my part, I will continue to do what I do best. Rip new 'graphic'arseholes until the 646 finally get the fucking message ;-)

thespecialone said...

What I would like to know is has anybody ever been asked who they would vote for in a poll? I dont know one single person who has and I certainly havent.

Anonymous said...

Good point,TSO, I certainly haven't but I'd soon be posting the event on here if I did.

Off the top of my head, Captain Ranty had some sort of an encounter with a pollster. I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong or drop us the link if I'm right ;-)

Other than that I can't think of any other blogger who has.

Anonymous said...

The Tories need to score around about 9% more in the polls just to achieve parity at this coming election, because New Labour have manipulated the boundary changes to such an effect. So unless that one eyed wanker fucks up spectacularly just before the election date it just ain't gonna happen.
The bookies have stopped taking bets on a hung Parliament, and instead go prohibitive odds on the Tories winning the most seats, which they probably will do, but because of New Labours blatant gerrymandering, even that outcome ain't set in stone.

Reaganite Republican said...

Cheer up G.O.T.- serial loser Obama's about to lend a hand, the certain kiss of death, ha-

Brown is dead meat now...

PS- I'm a friend of the Amusing Bunny, come by Reaganite Republican some time for a visit, found your site to be pretty comical, love it-


Lauren Simcock said...

They're ALL fucking wank.I'm voting for my pet dog.At least his bark is as bad as his bite,and he can fuck up poles...and he's not to friendly with pakis either.He'll sort them out.

Anonymous said...

Hi James and thanks for the link. I think (?). Well worth a read though.

I'll stop by at your place as soon as I have a minute ;-)

Bring On The Revolution said...

This just proves one thing, that the fuckwit idiots that are the Metropolitan, champaign socialist elite of the utterly useless leftie Lib/Lab/Con are all just the fucking interchangable same. They are all just a bunch of Stalinist, muzzie and faggot-loving hetrophobic self righteous politically correct, multicultural bollocks fuckwit cunts that are totally and utterly out of touch with reality. The ordinary folk out there on the street are crying out for the entire body politik to move much much further to the right and are fed up to the back teeth of mass uncontrolled immigration, Islamification of OUR country, Being sold off the the evil empire that is the EUSSR, Chav brain-dead un-fucking-educated thick cunt dweeb scum ferral and feckless youth running rampant riot on the streets, Pikey traveller scum running amok and wrecking the once beautiful countryside and milking the uttery disastrous human fucking rights act for all it's worth, bankrupting our nation with a bloated public sector filled to the brim with useles fuckiwit Gaurdianista Poly fucking Toybee diversity awareness non job types that that more than double our Council tax to pay for their gold-plated pensions, the old bill are just a bunch of useless leftie politically correct wankers that let criminal scum walk free, not forgetting all those thieving and corrupt cunts that call themselves "honourable" Members of Parliament, while at the same time relentlesly persecute the ordianary motorist just trying to scrape together a living to name just a few and the ONLY way to achieve this goal is by way of revolution!! Cunts, the fucking lot of them

Anonymous said...



Bring On The Revolution said...

Thank you G.O.T!! Once I get started on my soap box I can never stop! Absolutely love your wonderful site where you can get these issues off your chest!! LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Never any moderation or deletions here unless, of course, some cunt decides to try and reveal my true identity.

And it's no place for money fucking grabbing adverts either.

Is it just me or is anyone else fucked off with visiting a blog only to be presented with a full screen pop the fuck up advert which completely hides the posts?

I never go back ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! And you felt you had me on the run - well no way you grumpy old twat - because now, I, Gordon Jesus-McDoom Brown will win the election. Bollocks to you all! And if the vote isn't quite right, in the first round, then there will be a second round, just as the Lisbon Treaty got passed in Ireland, until my faithful subjects get it right. Ha-ha, grumpy old twat!

With the usual love and affection,
Gordon McDoom-Jesus-H-Christ Brown.

JohnRS said...

The idea of CallMeDave deliberately wanting to lose the election so that NuLieBore have to take the hit for 13 years of shit, crap, lies and bollocks sounds fine....except it assumes CallMeDave and his team have enough brain cells to plan something this smart. Can't see it myself.

I think CallMeDave isn't in any way, shape or form a conservative. He's a closet leftie with little to differentiate him from President Bliar. His team's cast in the same mould - lefties one and all.

However, the public have sniffed him out and decided they dont want him...the poll ratings are real. They're bad and they;re going to get worse.

He's going to lose to McMental 'cos he's crap not 'cos he's clever.

microdave said...

"Is it just me or is anyone else fucked off with visiting a blog only to be presented with a full screen pop the fuck up advert which completely hides the posts?"

Can't say it's ever happened to me. Maybe I don't visit the right (wrong?) sites! Or just that Firefox & Adblock Plus are doing their job?

Dick Puddlecote said...

As others have alluded to. Perhaps Dave should be a little more, well, Conservative.

I like WOAR's thinking too. Hadn't considered that before.

Ted Treen said...

Hmmm; a hung parliament.

Might I volunteer my services to pull the lever?

Private Widdle said...

*bows to BOTR*

We are not worthy!

Let me know whne & where you're recruiting. It's a pity Stve Earl's such a Lefty cunt- "The Revolution Starts Now" with different lyrics would make a great campaign song.

(:-o Word verification = "shock". An omen if ver I saw one).

Houdini said...

Well for a start John R, I think you are talking through your fucking arse and no-one and nothing is as bad as Labour and any PM they ever had, but especially Brown. Also, and for all else who keep spouting this shite about the Tories being blue Labour or blue socialists, and Cameron being a Blair clone, stop talking complete and utter sloppy fucking knob cheese. Blair only succeeded because he was a closet fucking Tory that did anything for power, and that is why the likes of Cameron look like him; they are Tories, soft and wet fucking ones, but Tories all the same.

Fuckers like you are the types that allowed Labour to gain the initiative by crying about Cameron not having a referendum on Lisbon, and thereby declaring you won't vote for them, completely, idiotically, cretinously and cuntingly dismissing the fact that it was fucking LABOUR and BROWN that actually SIGNED the fucking Lisbon treaty after promising a referendum, and they were fuckers in POWER. But hey, Cameron promised so let's put Labour back into power eh? Stupid fucking cunts, but it also showed the idiocy of Cameron not to have shouted this out from the nearest rooftop.

We need to push for Cameron to improve, and I think he fighting an uphill battle, but not impossible, and maybe these polls will make him think where his strategy is losing, and we have to fight to make the fucker see.

I don't believe he is deliberately trying to lose. My opinion is that they are saving the vast bulk of policy and shit for the last week or two leading up to the election, primarily because we live now in a fast and pacey world today; todays headline is forgotten a few days later, and a catchy headline isn't catchy after a fortnight, so maybe the Tories are boxing clever.

BTW GOT, the reason you don't know anyone who has been polled is probably because you don't know many black/asian muslim lesbian or cock sucking lady boy muslim cunts, because that is probably the only kinds of fucker that any fucker in authority is interested in getting opinions from. Poofs matter you know, coloured poofs matter more, muslim coloured poofs matter even more again, and if you are a disabled muslim coloured poof every fucking pollster camp out at your fucking door.

Houdini said...

BOTR...I'm going for a wank.

Anonymous said...

God help me even though it may be the right thing to do I can't vote Labour. But I am tempted by Peter Hitchens' argument.

If Labour were re-elected, seriously how long would it, could it last? Psycho Brown is borrowing and putting off the spending cuts that are necessary in the hope of winning the next election but even a dim-witted idiot such as he knows that IMMEDIATELY after said election cuts will have to be made and at that point he canot blame the Tories.

CMD is fucked if he wins the election. Actually he's also fucked if he loses it.

No wonder Hague is keeping his powder dry. Is he doing a "cometh the hour cometh the man?"

The country is on the scrap heap and unfortunately TINA!

Dark Lochnagar said...

G.O.T. I've been telling evryone who would listen on my blog that this would happen. I have been backing a hung Parliament and Labour at odds of around 10/1 for months now. When they get to 3/1, as they will, I'll start to lay them off and get 7/1 my money. No risk, guaranteed investment.

Anonymous said...

"Is it just me or is anyone else fucked off with visiting a blog only to be presented with a full screen pop the fuck up advert which completely hides the posts?

I never go back ;-)"

Agreed, I hate them and refuse to return.
There is no doubt that Labour is worst Government we have ever had.
There is no doubt that the Tories are the worst 'Opposition' we have ever had.
But The Tories have been crap since 1997. Not just now when we are broke and fucked, they have opposed NOTHING.
However, if we allow Brown to rule for another 5 years we are truly fucked.
In that time he will allow in another 5 millions immigrants. Another 500 mosques will be built and he will carry on throwing our money away around the world. He must be voted out by any means.

Anonymous said...

Nice work DL, smart man ;-)

banned said...

Bravo Bring On The Revolution, I was going to ask your permission to replicate your post but can't be arsed to wait and have stolen it unilaterally.

One word sums up why Cameron will lose what should have been the easiest election victory in modern times


Not just because it pissed off those (in both camps) who wanted one but because his lie exposed him as the mendacious cunt that he is to all and sundry.

Oh and Grammar Schools, jumping on the climate change bandwaggon just before its wheels fell off, supporting multi-culturalism, not halting the PC bollox in Conservative run local authorities, prattling on about women only short lists...

Hung Parliament with Labour forced to share the opposition benches with a couple of BNPs for shame.

Dave's a Phony Cunt said...

I'm with Hairy-arsed Bloke on this. 5 more years of Brown would really wake people up. The country will be totally wrecked by then, the peasants will be starving and revolting. We have to hit rock bottom before we can rebuild afresh on good, solid, hard-right principles. This will be painful but necessary. Dave's Nu Conservatives, if elected, would only prolong our agony. We need REAL renewal which Dave like Brown or Clegg is incapable of delivering.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Revolution summed it up perfectly for me.

*****thunderous applause******

Houdini said...

I don't think anybody, especially not that wet fanny Cameron, made the observation that the last time Labour were in power they destroyed the country just like now.

After years of Labour we hit rock bottom in 1979 before Thatcher took over. That's why I won't support the fuckers or take any shit from little cunts not old enough to have hair on their scrawny little man licked balls.

Amusing Bunni said...

BOTR sure sums it up perfectly! Bravo, I love a good rant agains asses.

GOT, you ARE making a difference, and your new series of posters are brilliant, once again.
I think the polls are rigged people will get discouraged and give up.

It's when things look the bleakest that we must fight harder!
I sure am living proof of that ;-)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Houdini, 21 February 2010 12:31

The only way I would support a Labour Government is so it can take the shit it needs to take in the coming year or two as it tries to sort the fuck ups of the past 13 years out,

And what leads you to believe it will not just mean that whoever comes next has to sort out 18 years of shit?

I don't think any "miracle cure" is going to make them see the light and change their Stalinist ways.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The same thing is happening over here. Everyone is just plain mad at government.

Anonymous said...

No one in their right mind would want to run this country.Alas that says it all!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia entry for Baroness Ashton

She lives in St Albans with her husband, Peter Kellner, (whom she married in 1988 in Westminster, London), the President of online polling organisation, YouGov.[36]

Now that's interesting