Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Toyota Recall Again

More excellent Toyota Recall fun. This selection has been sent in by some of the commentors from the original post here ;-)

from Simon

from JMT

from Microdave



Anonymous said...


Breaking news.

Kraft confirms Cadbury's plan to shut Bristol plant


Won't be buying any more.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add,production from the Bristol plant is being moved to Poland.

They did the same thing with the Terry's chocolate Orange,York to Poland.

microdave said...

Just watching ITV news and now 400,000 Pious hybrids are being recalled, including 8000 in the U.K.

microdave said...

And in the break they were running that stupid "Act On CO2" advert, imploring us to drive 5 miles less. Might be difficult if the f***ing brakes don't work....

The Revenant said...

Horrible cars, usually driven by the elderly and 'straight off the boat' (or 747) Taxi Drivers.

Hope the slant eyed cunts go bust.

JMT said...

Microdave - with all the Toyotas parked up, we can drive 50 miles more!

Barking Spider said...

Sandra Bullock really was extremely tasty back then - even moreso in Demolition Man!!!!!