Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mr Soft and Blue Labour

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The party's propagandists famously touched up his picture on billboards to make him look fresh faced and young. They would have done better to add a few lines.

Listen up Dave, this isn't what the electorate want or need.

"The case for more women candidates, like the case for more ethnic candidates - except in certain obvious seats - is proved. Insisting that voters in Surrey need MPs called Mohamed is not an obvious vote winner."

That's Labour talking, that is.

"Plenty of claims are made on his behalf that he has 'modernised' the party. But from what? Having clear Conservative principles, perhaps."

Reminds me of Tony Bliar, that does.

What about putting an end to pub closures, smoking bans, attacks on our freedoms, the politicisation of the plod, labour's attempts to Islamify Great Britain by the backdoor and all the other fuckwitted bollocks that the shitheaded cocktards of the socialist meddling classes have inflicted on us? The people of this Country are deserting your mob in droves and all you do is move into denial mode.

Count me out Dave, my vote is going elsewhere.

Lawson Narse


Katabasis said...

Lawson - I'm collecting and distributing your pics. Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

All wimmin short lists, pro EU, more of the fucking same with blue curtains.

Bring On the Revolution said...

Absolutely spot on Lawson! Why on earth would we be stupid enough to swap one bunch of useless left wing socialist fuckwitted wankers for another bunch of uselss left wing socialist fuckwitted wankers! What fucking planet is cowardly Cameron on to even think that we are going to accept his politically correct fucking muzzies and faggots, he is just the fucking same as the utterly useless Labour cunts we are so desperately trying to get rid of. And don't fall for those stupid retarded yellow socialist fuckwits that are the Lib Dumbs either. LIB/LAB/CON, THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF USELESS WANKERS THAT COLABERATE WITH THE MUZZIE COLONISERS!!! WHAT WE DESPERATELY NEED IS A REVOLUTION!!! TREASONOUS, TREACHEROUS TRAITORS THE FUCKING LOT OF THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

For fuck's sake stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think ;-)

Barking Spider said...

Fucking spot on!

Great pic, Lawson - stolen, of course, as usual. ;-)

I note that Cameron is also trying to change the Tory rules to make it as difficult to get rid of him as it is to get rid of a Labour twat - just goes to show that he's shit scared of getting the push after the election!!

Oh, for a real fucking Conservative instead of this cunt - his weekly/monthly E-Mails are now every bit as dumbed-down and patronising as anything the current Far-Left shower produce.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody at all recognise this, as the Leader Of The Tory Party speaking on sky news to Jeff Randell. He just sounds like yet another New Labour M.P. spinning his politically correct bollocks......U.K.I.P. are racists be fucked. I was half expecting the cunt to take off his jacket and reveal a fucking U.A.F. T-Shirt positioned underneath.

microdave said...

D & C - it shows how bad things have got when I find myself shouting "you lying c**t" at the screen. Entirely natural if it was a Liebor politician, but when it's the only realistic hope we have????

Fuck it, I'm voting UKIP - I don't care if lets Gordoom back in. We're bollocksed whatever happens. No way does that twat get my support.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I think Cameron is simply being slaved to the marginals. If he gets in, I hope he starts becoming more aggressive and carries out the action to unravel Liebour's damage.

We'll know soon within a few months. If not, we're screwed. Totally.

O/T I hope you don't mind me mentioning this on your blog, but I am doing Guido's PMQs Live Chat highlights on my blog each week to show the funnies out of the stream of chaos here

Smarmy Dave's a Cunt said...

Cast Iron Dave stands by his word! He's going to rescue us from a Federal Europe!

Yeah, like the hell he will, the vile, filthy, lying Commie CUNT.

banned said...

Dave lost any vestiges of sympathy from me when prattling on about wimmin only shortlists so as to be more 'inclusive'; a new selectocracy just like the one that produced Rumpy and the feeble Cafe Ashtray in Brussels.

Dave, don't be a cunt, we don't want inclusive, we want talent and the best people to spot that are locals. My own local Tory candidate is a woman, I've met her once or twice and she seems capable, she was elected locally, by locals, on merit so fuck your parachuted Camerons Cuties.
Having said that your renaging on our referendum lost you (and her) my vote and there is nothing can alter that.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a utter twat.
We have a Country gagging for urgent change and all we get his vacuous prattle about positive discrimination.
I would only vote for Cameron if I could shove my ballot sheet right up his rusty bullet hole to show my frustration, other than that its UKIP.

Bring On The Revolution said...

G.O.T What I really think is that all "Mainstream" Politicians nowadays are all a bunch of complete, total and utter useless wankers. All of them in this metropolitan "Notting Hill Elite" really have no fucking Idea what life is like out here in the real world and it's just like banging our heads against a wall trying to get through to these fuckwits in the Westminster bubble.And then they wonder why there is a massive increase in support for the BNP, what with Labour's utterly disgracful open door immigration policy and total deception of the British people We need someone like Maggie Thatcher who was not afraid to upset all these Guardianista leftie retards and say "No no no" But what hope do we have with this current generation of idiots that somehow pass as representatives of the British people. What I say is REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!