Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Baby P Doctor Misses GMC Hearing

The cunt bubble of a consultant paediatrician who failed to spot that baby Peter Connelly's spine was fractured in two places, has failed to turn up for a hearing into her conduct, at the General Medical Council. Apparently Dr Sabah al-Zayyat has been so deeply affected (so she says), by contributing to the death of Peter Connelly, that she is too mentally ill to defend herself or instruct her solicitors.

How my heart fucking bleeds for the pathetic twatting excuse for a human being. Oh, and incidentally, it appears that the useless bitch isn't too ill to fucking well flee the UK.

That news prompted Ampers to drop me a line with this solution . . . 

If an immigrant commits a crime we should do the following:

  1. Make any sentence a minimum of three years no matter how slight the crime for all not born in Britain.
  2. If they flee the country, that is a further crime and they get an immediate 10 years sentence on their return to Britain, even if they're found to be innocent of the original crime.
  3. They are given immediate bail.
  4. They get to keep their passport but are told they must surrender it within two weeks.
  5. We have a policy of not seeking the return of any criminals who flee the country in this case.
What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Fuck the fucking cunting foreign chiselling cunting fucking cunting bastard foreign ' equality' loving jihad twatting cunting bastards off my lovely British Isle.

There ifell slightly better now.

Joe Public said...

Ampers should have made that suggestion prior to H M Government inviting the Afghan-Stansted hijackers to share our hospitality, because to return them to their country of origin would breach their (but not our) "Human Rights".

Paki doctor my arse said...

Not a bad Idea by Ampers, but it needs a little tweaking. How about a fucking good kicking at the airport prior to departure, and in the case of foreign rapists, the removal of their penises with a rusty Stanley knife?

Anonymous said...

I get a little cross when sub-standard ethnic vermin get professional accreditations they don't deserve, just so the Trotskyist quota-filling box-tickers can show their scummy bosses that they're not discriminating against the genetically-challenged in any way. This is how you end up with standards going down the shitter. This rag-head woman for one and that dusky bent copper, Ali Desai for another.

Ampers said...

Paki Doctor, I think that's rather inhumane.

But I will meet you half way.

We take them to a proper hospital and surgically castrate them (not chemically)


PS: Without anaesthetic of course.

Anonymous said...

Too ill to instruct her Counsel or appear before the GMC - but not too ill to apply for a job in another country - and forget to inform them of her present 'little difficulty'. Cunt! If she does top herself I'll bravely stifle my tears.

Robert the Biker said...

"the removal of their penises with a rusty Stanley knife?"
Which is then dipped in liquid nitrogen and driven up their arses with a lump hammer.

See, you missed a bit :-)

Gobshite said...

Ampers has a good idea, although I would do the following:

Level 1 crime (non-violent crime)
Normal punishment + a yellow card.
Two yellows and you get deported after sentence finished.

Level 2 crime (low level violent crime such as bag snatching)
As Ampers said.

Level 3 crime (very serious crimes)
Serve sentence here, then deported. Hunt down anyone who flees abroad. Get them to serve the appropriate sentence, plus five years for absconding, and confiscation of assets to cover extradition. Then deport them.

I would love to be an Immigration Officer!

Bring On the Revolution said...

My way would be just to put the useless muzzie paki lowlife illegal immigrant scum against a wall and have it shot, with the corpse then dumped in a pool of sulphuric acid so it would burn away! Problem solved and good fucking riddance!!!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'm confused. In the world of Lefty Luvvieness, is "mental illness" a good thing or a bad thing? Do they even know themselves, the batty cunts!

"Which is then dipped in liquid nitrogen and driven up their arses with a lump hammer."

Don't forget to wrap barbed wire round it and attach a grenade to the tip for a bit of post nitrogen "good cop bad cop" effect, Robert ;-)

woman on a raft said...

In general, maybe its worth thinking about but to turn to the specific case: note how this turn of events suits Sharon Shoesmith just fine.


1) Al-Zayyat was the last link on the chain and it is very handy for a number of people that she can be made to carry the can for failing to back-stop for the social workers.

2) Al-Zayyat's clinc was to assess Peter's behaviour. She wasn't looking for physical problems because she had been told separate stories. Mysteriously, her boss, Dr Sukanta Banerjee, claimed not to be working at that time. It was later established that in fact Banerjee was not only working, but was in the clinic that day. This is significant because Banerjee was the child protection paediatrician who should have stepped in. It is not known at this stage why it was claimed that Banerjee was not there. This was one of the questions which it was hoped would be put before the GMC.

3) Dating fractures is more difficult than one might think. The age of the fractures are argued from the autopsy and from surrounding witness statements, but as this relied on the recall of Jason Owen's under-age girlfriend, the dates may not be as precise as one would hope. What we do know about the mother is that she was careful not to let the child be examined when he was injured, so it is possible that the fractures were inflicted after the clinic visit. However, it is also true that the mother may not have known of the severity of the injuries and so did not know that there was something for the paeditrician to find.

4) The doctor who conducted the original post mortem is himself a figure of some dispute. He has been accused in at least one case which is now covered by fearsome injunctions and there is an ongoing inquiry as to his precise level of qualification. He, naturally, protests that this questioning of him is motivated by malice.

There is other stuff swirling around too - like the relative softeness of the charges which had to be brought when the judge refused to let the CPS go with murder as they hadn't built enough of a case, which may or may not have depended on a particular testimony from the pathologist, but you know how it is with theories.

Let's just note that it is amazingly convenient for everybody to agree that:

a) It's all Al-Zayyat's fault
b) Nobody else has any questions to answer
c) It's shocking that she can't she can't answer them because she isn't here. Luckily.

Just sayin'.

Ed P said...

Can the border services be re-educated to stop people entering the country? They've been allowing every Tomas, Dick & Mohammed in without papers or permits for so long that I don't think your plan would work.

Anonymous said...

That sounds about right... She has to face the music so she fucks off out the country!!! it's not rocket science to find out if a person has a broken back or not.. Typical fucking social worker.... she's learnt all about life out of a fucking book!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd fucking deport all you shitheads who have commented above.

What a bunch of sad retards.

And I'd gladly give you a kicking too.