Monday, 8 February 2010

National Identity Cards

Whoopee fucking doo!
National Identity Cards are available in London from today for all our 18-24 year old citizens. The ID cards are still not compulsory yet BUT if you want a passport, you've got to have a card. 80% of people have a passport.

So, why don't you rush off and get your cards here, and sign your fucking life away, all for the bargain price of just £30.

What? No takers.

Can't say that I blame you. They're so obviously useless in Manchester, where the ID cards were rolled out last year.

Ain't life in Big Brother Britain grand eh ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that we were Royal Subjects rather than Citizens - the latter being for Republics?
Anyway, this idea is vile.
It's not compulsory unless you want a passport - then it is.
There is also no way to get off the database.

Brown's fucking Britain.

Cold Steel Rain said...

I've actually lost my Passport - Are you telling me I'm never to leave England again (bollocks to signing up for the ID Card)

Captain Haddock said...

I actually have no problem in carrying an ID Card .. in fact, I've carried one, in one form or another since I was 16 ..

What I object to is having to pay for the bugger ..

If the Gov't issues them .. no problem .. If I have to pay for the "privilege", they can fuck right off ...

I also see that Postman Pat has come out all "ruggsy" saying that foreign students coming to study in Britain must be able to speak English to at least GCSE standard ..

Fuck my Granny's old sea boots .. next door's cat can do that .. not exactly a major impediment, I'd have said ..

And further, unless they're taking a Degree Course, they can't bring their dependants .. WHAT ? ..

Why should they have been permitted to bring their cousins & their aunts in the first bloody place ???

I don't suppose his newly discovered backbone has anything to do with an impending election, has it ?

Tosspot ...

gadgie said...

I live in OZ,I don't think I'll have to get one to renew my brit passport.

microdave said...

"must be able to speak English to at least GCSE standard"

Which, presumably, means including the word "Like" at least 3 times in every sentence....

Anonymous said...

As I already had been told that to get a new British passport I'd have to supply the data neccessary to apply for an ID card, and as I can have dual nationality, I reverted to my 'other' nationality a couple of years ago & have had a new 'other' passport since then. I'm not sure whether or not I was asked about any existing passport at that time. Either way, I passed that one up. So there is no connection between my old British passport - still with a couple of years to run & my new 'other' one. They are even in slightly different names. As we're all such mongerals here - and I mean that in the nicest way, it's well worth worth investigating if you actually have the right to another passport through your parents, through where you were born (friends of mine with both parents English were born in Guernsey & carry Guernsey passports - I think the same applies to anyone born in Bermuda), or even through your grandparents. Imelda Slot-Gob now carries an Irish passport allegedly. Dual nationality is well worth a bit of research in my opinion as this Communist mis-Government tries to screw us down. Alternatively - lie, lie & lie again on the form? They are dishonourable & lie to use - what do they expect?

Anonymous said...

I for won't be applying. I was forced abroad by Brown's tax policies and the consequences of his social ideas which have totally ruined a once-decent country. I now live within the Shengen area and can move freely within it from country to country without the need for a passport. My UK passport expires in 2 years time. I won't be renewing that, either, having no plans to ever return to Britain. God, what a shithole the country has become.

Demetrius said...

It looks like my national bus pass. When I got this they took away the option of taxi tokens. Also our rail services have been cut by 30%. The problem is that we do not have a bus service.

Captain Haddock said...

You've got the idea MD ..

"Like" .. interspersed with the liberal use of "Innit" ..

They might be only required to speak English to GCSE standard .. but you can be bloody sure they'll have been schooled in claiming every benefit under the sun to at least Doctorate standard ..

microdave said...

@ Captain Haddock - it's not just the wasters, my 20 year old nephew is a decent kid, and has a good job, but if I made him forfeit 50p for every use of the word, he would be bankrupt, and I would be loaded...

I sometimes feel like making a secret recording and playing it back to him, but that would just start a family argument.

Captain Haddock said...

I know just what you mean MD .. but then if parents & teachers are sloppy in their speech, one can hardly blame the youngsters ..

I deliberately make a point of saying "Good morning" in full in my local shops .. just to see the bemused look on people's faces ..

They're not quite sure whether you're taking the piss or being polite .. Lol

Bertie Dugger said...

MD / Cap'n H

Having listened to numerous youngsters on the bus on my way to and from work I'm convinced the word "like" is a new form of punctuation - it's replaced the comma. Give it a few years and it'll be an accepted form of grammar in the OED.

You can also throw in their annoying habit of using far too many words when only one or two would suffice e.g. one girl says to another:

"I so do not want him to not want to go out with me tonight" means "I want him to go out with me tonight" (actually it probably means "I want him and his mates to fuck me so I can have their babies so I can get a house and money and evryfink").

Modern state education - innit marvellous?

Back on topic: what the fuck is a passport if it isn't proof of who the fucking fuck you are?!!! Why do you need a cunting (and mind-buggeringly expensive) card as well?!

The sooner these fucking control freaks fuck off the better.