Thursday, 4 February 2010

Piss Boilers

The first piece of piss boiling news is an article in The Tampon by Sundial. What fucking planet is he from? He starts off by accusing the BBC of being "climate denier bias" (you fucking whaaaaaaat!) and then goes on to to say "climate change deniers are no different to 9/11 truthers".

Is it April the fucking first or is that twat deliberately trying to wind the fuck out out of me? He bastard well must be because he also tells us that ". . . it [the BBC] remains deeply institutional and right wing".

Right wing! Right fucking wing!

Fuck off!

Then there's the Norwich City Council Housing Chief who abused her position by moving into sheltered accommodation, paying just £47 a week in rent. Kristine Reeves, who was earning £62,000 a year at the time, was subsequently dismissed for gross misconduct.

Where's the boiling piss there then, I hear you ask.

Well, she launched an appeal for unfair dismissal (you fucking whaaaaaaat!) and her former employers have just settled out of court to the tune of £41,000 (whaaaaaat the fuck for?)!

Oh, so no full independent inquiry now.
Why the fuck's that then?

Everybody in Norwich happy that your council tax is being pissed into Kristine Reeves fucking handbag JUST BECAUSE she did something WRONG? I'm buggery bollocksy well not and I don't even live there!

Rather interestingly there are now no details of this settlement left on line and even a Daily Mail link has rather mysteriously fucking vanished. Unfortunately for Norwich City Council, one of my readers has emailed me a hardcopy of an article, from yesterday's Evening News, which contains all the info.

It's a bit fucking difficult to pull a newspaper after it's gone to print . . . 


Anonymous said...

The BBC Right wing?
I laughed, coughed, paused then cried.

As for opening Greyhounds, I think it is illegal but will consult further.
Unfortunately, it is cheaper to bung somebody money than go through a protracted legal case - regardless of blame.
It is wrong and your piss is quite correct to boil Sir.

Captain Haddock said...

Un be fucking lievable !!!

WV = "insoon" .. You couldn't make it up ..

martin said...

i live in norwich and i am pissed, not only have we got the most corrupt council in england. yes we have the world famous criminal c.r.u. of the u.e.a.
also annexed to the disgraced university is the innes centre that are the world leaders in GM food science.just to the west of the city is BAYER crop science factory that spews out hormone changing emissions over our fine city. god knows what else goes on in this part of the world. nice one.

Snarky Basterd said...

Reuters put out a story over here on Monday about Obama letting the tax cuts Bush got enacted for ALL Americans go away at the end of the year, effectively making Zero's promise of "no new tax cuts for families making under $250,000" a fucking lie. (Bloggers, including me, have been on this since Jan. 1, but you know how long it takes the "paid" press to show the fuck up.)

The story was out for all of about 4 hours before someone from the White House got the story pulled. Too bad for the Black House that bloggers were all over it, got screen grabs, and kept it alive for two more days.

What stupid fucks we put in charge of our money, I'll fucking tell you.

Joe Public said...


The home of that establishment of honest reseach & truth that is CRU @ UEA

The City Council that chops down mature horse-chestnut trees to prevent youngsters being tempted to get some conkers.

Uncle Marvo said...

Nicely boiled, my piss is now.

I don't suppose, Mr GOT, that you do requests for posters?

Only I'd like one, it's based loosely on the one here

and if you look at my blog here is is pretty obvious what I am trying to make.

But I am rubbish at it, and you are not.

There are pints in it for you :-)

Kindest regards

A. Homophome.

Anonymous said...

And now my piss is boiling over all that MP Expenses bollocks. What a fucking sham.

Where's all the prosecutions then, eh?

They're made to pay back £1.2m but the twatting report cost £1.1m. What the fuck is the point if we're not going to bang the thieving cunts up?

Anonymous said...


Requests always welcome, I get them all the time via email and always happy to rev some graphic fucks into any fucker that's taking the piss.

Couldn't see any Stonewall posters at your place? No worries though, I left a comment over at Corrugated Soundbite a while back to say I would do some . . . and I still am ;-)

Heterophobic cunts!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ah Sunny Hundal, the Guardian writer, who on his own blog "Liberal conspiracy", is urging his readers to dig deep into their pockets to come up with funding to create a negative add campaign, aimed at poisoning the prospective Independent newspaper editor, Rod Liddle

Conflict of interests there from the dead tree press reading left, considering Hundal writes for the Guardian one wonders?

And why the fuck is Beau Bo D'Or helping the fucking left with their poisonous adds?

Katabasis said...

A couple of updates:

As a couple of commenters have noted over at Sunny's article, it appears even the Guardian was so embarrassed by his piece that it was dropped from 'most commented' and is now very difficult to find except via a direct link.

Also, it appears Sunny has an echo in the perpetually clueless, Mehdi Hassan, in the New Statesman.

Anonymous said...

What the frigging hell is a housing officer getting paid £62k for anyhow.

Consider my piss boiled.