Saturday, 13 February 2010

Bwaahahaha News

"After the attack everyone was in good spirits . . . "
Oh dear, what a fucking shame!
(and it's not the first time either)

"I am afraid I totally underperformed in my speech . . . "
Thank fuck for that!
(and it's not the first time either, more like the 4th?)



Ampers said...

They normally keep these peoples identification a secret, I wonder who informed :-)

Gobshite said...

Note to self:

Next time add more sugar.

Houdini said...

Your comment on failure number 4 cracked me up...

I wonder why he still hasn't clicked yet? A real high profile Tory and he can't get selected for even a fair safe seat.

Dark Lochnagar said...

GOT I'm surprised you even bother to read that fat,fucking, self-promoting cunt. Who would have him as a PPC?

Houdini said...

It's further interesting to note that the six candidates were a black, asian and homosexual male, with the women taking up the rear.

Positive discrimination is alive and well. So Cameron is going to fill the commons with placemen and not really the best prospective candidate. In the comments on Mrs Dale there are a few people who think Cameron is filling the commons with people of great talent...what a crock of shite; positive discrimination fills the commons with people who are not the best and therefore we end up with another New Labour disaster.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Houdini, this is the problem with Cameron's lists. They ignore talent in favour of perceived public appeasement.

I begin to wonder if Dale would even have had the chance to fail so many times, if it wasn't for the fact that he was gay.

Or am I just being totally tick box cynical?

microdave said...

@ Houdini - Shouldn't that read: "with Iain Dale taking up the rear"???

Excellent news about Steven Barker!