Saturday, 27 February 2010

Piss Boilers Football Treasure Abortion

• I'm no lover of premiership football, with all those namby fucking pamnby, overpaid, overrated, oversensitive, thick as fucking shite, prima dona dickheads that 'play' the 'game' but what the fuck is going on this week.

Portsmouth FC have gone into administration, probably because of their £52m a year wage bill but that's not my point. How can a 112 year old institution be in grave danger of disappearing like this? It's New Labour's fault. They are only interested in the professional classes with money - which is why they used our tax payers' cash to bail out the banks. The greater majority of football fans are lower and middle classes, many of whom, although well fairly well off, are not filthy rich, so New Labour just aren't fucking interested. The problem is far too working class for them these days, they couldn't give a flying fuck.

Oh, and that Bridges and Terry thing, what the fuck is that all about. Get real and grow up, you pair of soppy cunts.

• Buried treasure anyone?
'This is a landmark case and it sends a clear message to those who fail to report Treasure. It shows that the police and the coroners' service give Treasure and archaeological heritage law a high profile and will take proactive measures against those that disregard it.'

What the buggery bollocks!
For fuck's sake, she was only nine years old and her mother had just died.

Just fuck off you righteous fucktards!

•Abortion ?
'Hey, it's just not that bad', says the woman who broadcasted the pre-meditated murder of her unborn child, live on Twitter.

You have got to be shitting me!

*leaves room to puke ring and staunch nosebleed*



Fuck Football - it's for the Braindead said...

Their are a great many clubs in terrific debt, I'm pleased to say. I hope the whole fucking lot of them go bust asap. I'm sick of hearing about celebrity footballers and their fateful trysts with gold-digging slappers. Fuck the whole, festering, publicity-seeking lot of them! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that prat on BBC News this morning saying something about the most important handshake in the world - he meant Terry and Bridges - I thought he might have been talking about Palestine/Israel or something.

Roll on the time when all football clubs hit the admistration dust. A lot of overpaid brainless twats who can't string a sentence together.

Anonymous said...

Footballers, Pah! If their so bloody skilled then why the fuck do they do nothing but cheat, whole lot of em, just as well play at the swimming pool for all the diving they do.

Houdini said...

Agree with all that and am just as much a miserable moaning cunt as you now.

Apart from this: The problem is far too working class for them these days, they couldn't give a flying fuck.

Yes and no. Labour couldn't give a flying fuck not because they don't like the working class, but because they take them for granted. It's thick cunts from pompey that will traipse down to the polling booth and vote for the the fuckers regardless of what they do, because they wear a red rosette, and that is what the cunts of Labour rely on. Thick cunts oblige them. Surprised they haven't managed to find a fucking supporters association that will blame Thatcher.