Sunday, 24 January 2010

Andrew Gatward Selling . . .

. . . nazi memorabilia online?

That New Labour UAF troll, that BNP infiltrator, the very same Andrew Gatward aka Doubting Richard, the all around socialist scumbag and (not very fucking clever) secret agent of the blogosphere? No, surely not?

Hmmm, apparently so.

Un-fucking-believable show of hypocracy or what and, to twatting well cap it all, he's only gone and left one of his usual inane, illiterate, rambling, bullshitting, mega trollisms in a comments section of a blog, using a Jewish name for a pseudonym.

What the buggery bollocks!

Check out the entirely pathetic episode for yourself
HERE, it's fucking priceless.


Anonymous said...

New Labour and their beloved far left apparatchiks certainly are putting us all to the sword this time around.

Now how the fuck have we fallen for these moronic nonentities for the last thirteen unspeakable Years again???

AntiCitizenOne said...

What's so shocking about a socialist selling National-Socialist stuff?

Barking Spider said...

Nice one, mate, thanks for the link.
They obviously see the BNP as their biggest Far-Left rivals which would explain why this arsehole is so obsessed with them!

AntiCitizenOne makes a good point - I made the same one about Nazis being National Socialists in my post.

Anonymous said...


The point is, that this particular Socialist is utterly obsessed with Nazis and Nazism, and spends all of his time trawling around the Internet "Exposing" racism where there is non....

And now we find he's a moderator in selling Nazi memorabilia? - I suppose he sells it first, and then informs the far left as to who has bought such evil ware....He's just a grade "A" moron.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Perhaps he's drawn to the idea of being Hitler himself and dreams of having a whole country at his command to pick on the right groups and make it work this time...

Anonymous said...

Anti Citizen One:

Check out Gatwards website it's utterly moronic. He contradicts himself with his postings over and over again. First he's U.A.F. then he's English democrat. Then he's hope not hate, then he's New Labour, and finally he attacks Islam with venom at the bottom of the blog.

Anyone who dare question the stupidity of his rantings, automatically becomes a goose stepping Nazi, but of course he can "Moderate" Nazi memorabilia, because he's one of New Labours chosen few.

He's utterly unreal, and he posts under so many different aliases, I shouldn't wonder that they probably go hand in hand with his multiple personalities.

richard said...

i'm the "doubting richard" element of Barking Spider's imaginary Gatward Trinity.
Dazed And Confused will recall the suggestion re: getting A.G to refute the connection between himself and "richard". an email was sent to Andrew Gatward, and Mr G.O.T and Barking Spider were copied in. the only man with enough courtesy to reply was - Andrew Gatward! his reply was polite; he briefly outlined his reasons why he would not co-operate by posting the requested rebuttal. Neither G.O.T or BS replied, neither did they acknowledge - never mind post - the picture i sent; incontrovertible evidence.
i often read the libertarian blogs and often comment under the name "richard". i challenge anyone to find any evidence of left-wing (or any "wing") Statist leanings or trollistic tendencies; Barking Spider's only evidence appears to be my reprehensible lack of capitalisation, plus the comment which enraged him so; i advocated free speech for all, including misguided muslim agitators. i stand by that opinion, for reasons well- understood by any libertarian.
now, where's my soap-box... right.
Barking Spider has his heart in the right place, but he's reacting like a kid who's just seen the crocodile at a punch-and-judy show. this reaction is endemic, and therein lies the problem. the people have have been divided. this is entirely deliberate on the part of our masters. UAF, BNP, muslim, catholic, protestant or whatever are all deliberately introduced uniforms. it's not real, none of it is real. it's an ancient technique among human slave societies. FFS even some ants can make their enemies fight amongst themselves before they get robbed. how? they change the identities of their enemy (by pheromones, though, not politics!) - the victims obligingly kill each other.
our masters are using man's tribal instinct to fragment the populace, facilitating state control - it's obvious when you look for it. even in the police there's manufactured division - gay, black, muslim;
it's as cynical as building a new city with (as Stanislaw Lem wrote) purpose-built catacombs for subversives.
we have to step outside the "them and us" system, not point and scream at each other like enraged chimpanzees as our pockets get picked and lockdown looms.
may i recommend "architects of control" by Michael Tsarion and "Statism is Dead" by Stefan Molyneaux; both on youtube.

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

And a good fucking morning to you Richard/Andrew.

Nope, never received an email from AG, although I got one from you, so I guess that's the same fucking thing.

Btw, if you're not AG then how the bastard hell would you know if I hadn't replied to him? Unless of course you are one and the same, as Dazed would say. However, I did get one from a W. Mitty . . . that'd probably be you as well then.

Deluded twat!

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, someone got their knickers in a bunch whilst waking up on the wrong side of the pigpen today ;-)
Thanks for the entertainment, guys!

Barking Spider said...

I never received an email from him either, so that's another load of make-believe bollocks. I HAVE, however received a comment from Andrew Gatward himself, threatening all sorts of fire and brimstone should I ever have the "courage" to meet him face to face!

He must think I'm fucking stupid as my only defence from his Labour masters is my anonymity from cunts like him!

"Richard" is obviously one of his "calmer" personalities, but, I have to say that the Gatward persona is a crazed, rabid madman with a Nazi fixation and a serious superiority complex!