Thursday, 7 January 2010

Newsround CBBC MMGW Bias

It seems like the BBC aren't going to let the fact that the UK is in the grip of arctic weather conditions, stop them from keeping our kids on track with regard to global warming.

Following this excellent post from DB over at Biased BBC, I've managed to track down the actual clip of CBBC Newsround that proves you're never too young to be subjected to BBC bias.

Fucking incredible isn't it, how the Blatant Brainwashing Channel and the Met Office propaganda machine will stop at nothing to ensure that our children are kept 'on message', however contrived.

DB sums it up nicely:
Hope that helps to "clear up any confusion" kids. You see, we used to have snow and ice "every week", but because of global warming we get milder weather except when we get the same extreme weather we used to get before global warming. Or something. Anyway, never mind all that because it's been a bit hot in Australia and now it's a bit wet. You see, it's all global warming, children. Just promise you won't flick channels and watch all the news about record snowfalls in China and America, OK? That would be too much confusion to clear up in one programme.


Anonymous said...

It really is time that the BBC was subscription only. It's like being compelled to buy the Guardian whether you read it or not or whether you agree with its bias or not.

Snarky Basterd said...

Global warming causes rising temperatures. Global warming causes lower temperatures. Global warming causes humans to become vampires. It's all the same spin, G.O.T.

Old Holborn said...

Forward this to Lord Monckton

Lauren Simcock said...

it's just the same in schools Gotty.It's rammed down my kid's throat.I,on the other hand,give her a reality check.But it's hard for a young child to understand two different points of view.One is the schools,so it must be right.And one is Daddy's,so that must be right too??.Kids are being used,confused and abused by this government's education policy.Brainwashed if you like.There is no room for independent thinking in today's system.
P.S. I stopped her from watching the BBC ages ago.

microdave said...

The BBC Trust has announced an investigation into the BBC's biased science reporting:

Licence Fee Non-Payer said...

I object to having to pay to be lied to, so I don't pay the licence fee any more. Haven't for some years now to be honest. But since I never watch any BBC channel or listen to any of its radio stations, I think it's only fair I pay owt. They keep sending me letters; I keep binning them. If everyone did the same, imagine how much happier the country would be when these lying cunts had to shut up shop and join the dole queue? After all, it's not as if the fee is deducted from your pay like income tax; you make a voluntary move to pay it. I would simply suggest you decline to do so. For the sake of our children's future!

Anonymous said...

I note the presenter is the requisite shade of brown. I wonder if it's part of the interview with the BBC that they get a colour swatch out to check if the skin tone of the applicant is within the specified range?

Barking Spider said...

Lies, damned lies and fucking manipulated statistics - these cunts should be taken off air!!! That is fucking disgraceful!!!!

I reckon OH is right, Gotty, you should forward this to Lord Monckton and let him go to town on it.

banned said...

Clearly been to the G. Brown school of Gesticulation but what's he got on his fucking feet?

01:15 "2009 was actually the 14th warmest year..."
01:55 "2009 was the 5th warmest year on record..."
Get your lies sorted out you cunt or you will confuse the kids.
Mind you they are pretty smart, I wasn't taken in by the starving Bangladeshis and Africans being all my fault in the 1970s nor by the anti-smoking films or the propaganda against alcohol.

Anonymous said...

From an American librarian.

Check your kids' science textbooks. And take a peek at the science section in your school libraries.

Teachers and librarians are buying Global Warming science books in droves. And Macmillan Publishing (owner of Nature Magazine, who prevented skeptical scientists from publishing) is making good money.